Women’s Watches Wholesaler Watchyear Drew Seven Winners for the First Week of Site Launch

Seven lucky people have been drawn by women’s watches site Watchyear to win opening prize packs in the first week.

Shenzhen, China, July 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Fashion watches store Watchyear drew the first seven winners for the first week of site launch yesterday.

LED watches seller Watchyear opened its doors on July 19, one day later than expected according to Steven Trump, Public Relations manager for Watchyear.

It invites people to register on its site and seven winners will be drawn every week. Yesterday Watchyear drew the first seven winners. And the name of these winners appeared on the site this morning. The opening ceremony would last one month according to Mr. Trump.

Steven Trump said hundreds of people came to the opening ceremony of Watchyear.

“The opening ceremony is very successful. Hundreds of people visited Watchyear’s website on July 19,” said Mr. Trump. “Thanks all people for coming. It means so much to Watchyear. Some brother croporations, iThrough and Autoyet attended the opening ceremony of Watchyear brick and mortar store and gave away flower baskets as their congratulations.”

According to Mr. Trump, trustworthiness was the basic principle of all businesses.

“Watchyear promised that it would draw out seven winners each week. And it did though the prize value has exceeded expected value. Watchyear deeply understand credibility is the core of all businesses. No credibility, no businesses. No matter how successful it is in the future, the staff of Watchyear will never forget this basic principle,” said Mr. Trump.

Watchyear is an online supplier focused on discovering and stocking affordable, practical and fashionable watches. With almost 2000 articles across almost 40 categories, Watchyear sells watches all over the world with free international shipping. The products must go through three standard quality control processes at its warehouse before delivery. There is also a six month guarantee on all items on Watchyear.

Come to see the first seven winners on Watchyear.com or paste this link into your browser: http://promotion.watchyear.com/Grand_Opening/?utm_source=SM&utm_medium=PR&utm_campaign=SM_PR_WY02

Steven Trump