Aristotele Consortium - The European Project Aristotele is the Answer for the Companies to Face the Crisis

Strange but true: Information Technology is the new tool that gives you the opportunity to continue doing business in the companies. With the economic and financial crisis, the companies have to rely on advanced technology solutions so that they can capture and take advantage of intangible elements: knowledge, reputation, expertise, innovation, motivation are the secret of success.

Salerno, Italy, July 28, 2011 --( The Aristotele project is launched to change the work and learning path inside organisations introducing innovative elements in the training process of the employees and in their daily work.

So, in only two years the Aristotele platform will be available on the market exceeding the limits of existing business systems.

The aim is to facilitate personal and specific expertise and knowledge and the direct on-line collaboration and reuse of the knowledge developed by colleagues.

It is also a system that integrates staff, expertise and knowledge management produced in the company and also the training, giving a perfect organisation and management of the work and the resources.

The companies become real “Innovation Industries” thanks to the new and extraordinary tools that are given not only to the single person but to the whole organisation.

The project, that has been approved and financed through the VII Framework programme - research area ICT TEL, lasts three years (the first year has just ended) and important scientific and industrial partners have collaborated to this project at a European level.

The partners: MOMA, CRMPA (Centre of research in pure Maths and application of the University of Salerno), Engineering, PHI – Publicis Healthware International, Amis, University of Duisburg Essen, University of Milan, University of Innsbruck.

To reach such objectives, Aristotele will rely on existent technologies such as: IWT (Intelligent Web Teacher, owned by MOMA, project partner) innovative, extensible and open that already includes specific models for the knowledge, didactics and comprehension management that perfectly respond to the needs of the project. And also Share Point server 2010, a Microsoft platform a suitable solution for the realization of collaborative applications.

Each user will have the opportunity to access the platform and go to his own personalized page. The employee will use the system during his daily work and if he does a specific research, the system will automatically extract any useful element: research and documents produced by colleagues, intern resources contacts that have expertise regarding that kind of work and any useful material.

These aspects are very useful to the organisation that guarantees the reuse of all the materials, researches, and works done during the years so that they can be revised in new occasions and contests and again in this way the expertises of each employee will emerge thanks also to the constant monitoring of the activities.

Another aspect of great interest is the collaboration between colleagues that guarantees a better performance thanks to the knowledge and materials that the single person draws during the carrying out of his daily work.

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