Central NJ Volvo Dealer Group Sponsors 2011 PNC Concert Series in Deal Brokered by BOC Partners

BOC Partners gathered 5 Volvo dealers, Garden State Volvo, Volvo of Bridgewater, Volvo of Edison, Volvo of Princeton, and Red Bank Volvo Inc, to be the exclusive Automotive Sponsor of the PNC Bank’s preforming Arts Center 2011 concert series. BOC Partners made the deal possible.

Westfield, NJ, July 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- From an agency’s perspective, its hard making an deal for one client but imagine making a deal for 5 different clients with 5 different bosses. This is the case with BOC Partners, Central NJ Volvo Dealer Group and LiveNation Entertainment’s PNC Preforming Arts Center. LiveNation was looking for automotive dealers interested in becoming the exclusive Automotive Sponsor of PNC’s Arts Center’s 2011 concert series. This title includes exclusive sponsorship in domestic and import automotive distributor, retailer and manufacturer as well as advertising rights to different outdoor advertising mediums such as the coveted electronic billboard on the Garden State Parkway. However, no one stepped up.

BOC Partners then got involved and negotiated a deal between Live Nation Entertainment and 5 Volvo dealers collectively known as the Central NJ Volvo Dealer Group. This Volvo group includes Garden State Volvo, Volvo of Bridgewater, Volvo of Edison, Volvo of Princeton, and Red Bank Volvo Inc. Their website is http://pncvolvo.com

It was a win win situation between LiveNation Entertainment, the Volvo dealers and the automotive ad agency, BOC Partners. LiveNation has an automotive sponsor for the 2011 concert series at PNC Preforming Arts Center. The Volvo dealers received advertising near and at the PNC Arts center including four tower panels, one highway sign, two banners, one full page ad in the program booklet, access to ads during concert vision and even onsite vehicle display. This advertising will continue building the Volvo brand as well as strengthen buyer loyalty. Lastly, the ad agency, BOC Partners, was exposed to more potential automotive clients and advertising work preparing the banners and signs for the Volvo dealers. To find out more information about BOC Partners and their work, please visit http://bocpartners.com/our-work/

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