The Whiskey Place Presents New Deals on Balvenie, Glenlivet Scotch and Other Single Malt Scotches is encouraging single malt scotch whiskey drinkers to shop the site's extensive collection of Balvenie and Glenlivet Scotch.

Brooklyn, NY, July 29, 2011 --( Single malt scotch seller The Whiskey Place is promoting its wide selection of bottles by Balvenie and Glenlivet, a pair of legendary distilleries in Scotland's Speyside region. Available online at, The Whiskey place features single malt scotches in a variety of price ranges ideal for connoisseurs and novices alike.

A nice treat for collectors, the 21-year-old Balvenie Port Wood single malt scotch offers a complex palate and long-lasting finish. Matured in oak casks, the Port Wood single malt scotch was transferred to port casks (previous used to hold port wines) during production to add additional notes of flavor. On sale at The Whiskey Place for just $159.99, the 21-year-old Balvenie Port Wood features a pleasant balance between traditional single malt scotch flavorings and port enhancements.

Created in a similar manner, the 17-year-old Balvenie Rum Cask was finished in an authentic rum cask straight from Jamaica, appearing as a follow-up to the acclaimed 14-year-old Balvenie Rum Wood single malt scotch. This scotch caters to the drinker with a sweet tooth, with coconut cream, honey, nougat, and toffee flavors taking the lead, balanced by fruit and dried spices at finish. This aromatic single malt scotch can be purchased at The Whiskey Place for $119.99.

The 22-year-old Duncan Taylor "NC2" Glenlivet is another sweet single malt scotch, boasting tropical notes of coconut and pineapple complemented by strawberry and candy apple accents. To balance out the sweetness, this single malt scotch builds to a spicy finish with vanilla, nutmeg, mint, and ginger components. Rated 92/100 in Malt Advocate, the Duncan Taylor Glenlivet is available for $89.99 at The Whiskey Place.

For shoppers on a budget, The Whiskey Place offers a 12-year-old Balvenie Double Wood, one of the distillery's most popular finishes, for only $45.99. Also 12 years old, The Whiskey Place's most affordable Glenlivet is currently on special for just $34.99, with vanilla and peach flavors accenting a delicate, flowery base.

"There's a rich history surrounding these distilleries, which dates back to the early 19th century. At The Whiskey Place, we're happy to help shoppers taste a bit of that history by providing affordable bottles by Balvenie, Glenlivet, and other prominent single malt scotch brands," said Mr. Zimmerman, CEO of The Whiskey Place.

Known as the "The Single Malt That Started It All," the Glenlivet Distillery was founded by whiskey legend George Smith, one of the first distillers to obtain a legal license to produce and sell single malt scotch whiskey when licensing became available in 1823. Applying for a license was a risk for both Smith and his distillery, who suffered arson threats from many of his unlicensed neighbors, Zimmerman noted.

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