Moms in Business Unite Late Registration Begins Monday: Register Before July 31 to Get the Best Deal for the August 3 Conference

Late registration for the August 3 San Diego Moms in Business Unite Conference will begin on August 1, so those who want the best deal must register by the end of the day on July 31. A reception-only option is also available for those who can't be there for the entire day.

San Diego, CA, July 29, 2011 --( Moms in Business Unite, offering a unique educational conference and ongoing resources to enhance the professional and personal lives of women and mom business owners, today announced that late registration for the August 3 San Diego conference will begin on Monday, August 1, so those who want to get in at the normal price must complete the registration process by July 31.

“We want to give people every opportunity to register at the regular rate, because we know many busy women and moms have schedule management issues that preclude them from registering earlier,” said Randa Cote, MIBU president. “Those who can’t register until Monday or Tuesday will be charged a slightly higher price, as will those who walk in on Wednesday.”

A reception-only option is also available for those who can’t reserve the whole day for the conference. The culmination of the day, occurring from 3 to 5 p.m., will feature refreshments, the Inventor Showcase (nine inventors showcasing innovative products and services, and seeking attendee votes to win the “Best New Product/Service” award), a Resource Marketplace, and plenty of great networking with attendees and speakers.

Learn more about the conference and reception and save your place at

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Moms in Business Unite is the vision of five women entrepreneurs who recognized a need for a resource for mom and women business owners that provides business education and blueprint solutions to help them be more efficient and successful. MIBU hosts annual conferences (in five cities as of 2011) that feature passionate, expert instructors and relevant business topics in a truly unique learning environment. It also provides ongoing tools, resources, and guidance to support mom and women business owners’ journeys through the various stages of business they can achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. To learn more, please visit

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