BAFL Launches its Family Law Website for SF Bay Area Couples

San Fransisco, CA, March 29, 2007 --( BAFL or Bay Area Family Law has officially announced the launch of its website This family law website has been built with the noble purpose of helping distressed couples in California who are pitted against trials and tribulations of divorce. Moreover, this site will educate people about divorce and its repercussions enabling them to divorce with dignity. With the increasing number of divorces in California, the launch of this family law website could not have come at a better time.

Andrew Achtem, CEO of BAFL sounds very confident about the future of this family law site, “There are hundreds of couples in California who are facing conjugal crisis every day. When they look for assistance to end their prolonged marital misery, they end up getting no where. This is why we decided to set up will not only be instrumental in helping many estranged couples to divorce with dignity, but also educate people about the ramifications of divorces and all the important issues related to divorce. We hope that we shall be able to effectively address the specific issues of the people in this region.” has a wealth of information about family law which will be extremely useful for people seeking divorce. Information relating any and every facet of Bay Area Family Law can be obtained on this site by visiting its exhaustive online library that has extensive information on San Francisco Family Law, San Francisco Family Law Attorneys, San Francisco Family Law Firms, San Francisco Family Law News and the latest developments in the San Francisco Family Law Industry.

“Couples facing divorce usually experience excruciating mental traumas. During this distressing period, they need the support and guidance of someone who can help them receive a fair and equitable divorce with a cost-effective approach. We believe in providing effective solutions to those couples so that they can retain their self-esteem while separating from each other thereby leading a decent standard of life.” adds Andrew Achtem. also provides information on Bay Area Family Law through articles. These articles contain valuable information about San Francisco family law, San Jose family law, Palo Alto family law, Sunnyvale family law, and Los Altos family law.

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