Beynon Sports Surfaces to Resurface Stanford University’s Track and Field Facility

Cobb Track to be resurfaced with BSS 2000 Resurfacing System.

Hunt Valley, MD, August 01, 2011 --( Finding the perfect athletic surface can oftentimes be difficult, especially for a sport like track and field that has multiple variables to consider when selecting a product. Coaches and athletes have always wanted their athletic running surfaces to be both training and competition friendly, unfortunately, more often than not they had to compromise by installing a surface that was either too hard to train on or too soft to compete on. The challenge lies in the fact that both sprinters and long distance runners use the track and have very different desires for the athletic surface’s force reduction or “feel under foot.” Sprinters prefer a firmer athletic surface that efficiently converts impact energy into kinetic energy to generate speed, while by contrast, distance runners prefer a softer athletic surface to reduce the wear and fatigue on their joints and muscles over an extended distance.

Beynon Sports Surfaces has recognized this challenge and formulated a line of full pour polyurethane surfaces that are designed and manufactured for both optimal competitive performance as well as daily training. After an exhaustive search to find a firm able to meet these requirements, Stanford University selected the Beynon Sports Surfaces’ BSS 2000 Resurfacing System for their existing track at Cobb field. The BSS 2000 Resurfacing System will upgrade their existing track and field surface and allow their athletes to train and compete on an athletic surface that provides the resilient response preferred by sprinters, as well as maximum energy return which is preferred by distance runners.

Stanford University now joins a long list of notable NCAA track and field programs that have decided that only Beynon Sports Surfaces can provide the quality, workmanship and compatibility necessary to meet the divergent needs of both speed and distance track and field athletes.

“We are thrilled to be able to list the prestigious Stanford University as one of our partners in PAC 10.” Drew Beynon, Chief Operating Officer of Beynon Sports Surfaces.

About Beynon Sports Surfaces

Beynon Sports Surfaces was founded by John T. Beynon with the vision of creating the highest performing synthetic surfaces designed for speed and competition, as well as daily training. Beynon’s premier track and field surfaces are found in the world’s most renowned athletic facilities, carrying some of the greatest champions to record-breaking times. In the spring of 2008, Beynon Sports Surfaces joined the Tarkett Sports family, combining the most recognized and prestigious name in the artificial turf market in FieldTurf with the celebrated Beynon Sports Surfaces’ branded track and field, fieldhouse, and gymnasium surfacing systems. The result is a global firm with unmatched financial strength and a dedication to innovation, customer service, and excellence. Through this partnership, clients receive unprecedented service, quality, and support as well as the financial backing to stand behind the products manufactured and installed.

Beynon is part of Tarkett Sports, a Division of the Tarkett Group. Tarkett Sports is the largest entity in the sports and landscape surfacing industries. Included within the Tarkett Sports portfolio is the world-renowned FieldTurf brand of artificial turf along with an impressive range of performance sports flooring products. This product range includes: synthetic and hardwood basketball; volleyball and gymnasium flooring; squash and racquetball courts; floor protection and covering systems; weight room flooring; and high performance indoor and outdoor running tracks. All Tarkett Sports surfaces are developed, produced and installed with a concentration on sustainability and a commitment to protecting the environment, providing additional LEED contribution opportunities for customers. The company calls this focus on sustainability and the environment "Environmental Intelligence" and all company personnel strive to exemplify this philosophy in all aspects of the business.

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