Are Dimensions, Parallel or Alternate Universes, and Strings Real or Science Fiction?

“Physicist Feynman, unbeknownst to him, discovered 3 types of Strings through subatomic behavior of particles. These 3 Strings became the foundation of the 2 newly invented Periodic Tables which provide proof to Parallel Universes and 8 Dimensions,” says 24 DNA co-founder Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Garden Grove, CA, July 30, 2011 --( 24 DNA, a privately held company in Garden Grove, California, announced today the disclosure of a 20 page Report to provide scientific proof of 8 Dimensions, Strings, and Parallel Universes. The Report can be downloaded for free from

Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga said, “Don’t just take our word for it. The scientific symbols YHWH or just YHW represents Photons(Y), Higgs(H) and Weak forces (W) which were created from 3 Strings (-----, -----, ----) color coded Red, Blue and Green. These 3 Strings connected at its end to create 3 different types of Photons (Y,Y,Y) the building block of our Universe. The newly created 3 types of Photons joined at its trunk ends (>-- ---<, Y) to form 3 Quarks or 3 Higgs Mechanism-Bosons, and 3 Photons called Gluons. Lastly, the 3 Photons (Y, Y, Y) again connected or joined at its wings (YYY) to create an electron particle which automatically creates an inverse of itself, thus forming a negative and positive charge. This is how the foundation of the 3 Generations of Standard Model of Elementary Particles and everything else in our Universe was created, including 8 Dimensions,” said Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Ainuu Afamasaga said, “The concepts of Dimensions can be understood if you can imagine yourself as one of the chemical bases of Cytosine, Adenine, Guanine or Thymine living inside a 1st Dimension called DNA molecule. The DNA molecule exists or lives inside a 2nd Dimension called Proteins. The Proteins exist or live inside a 3rd Dimension called Genes. The Genes exist or live inside a 4th Dimension called Chromosomes. The Chromosomes exist or live inside a 5th Dimension called Cells. The Cells exist or live inside a 6th Dimension called Tissues. The Tissues exist or live inside a 7th Dimension called Organs. The Organs exist or live inside an 8th and final Dimension called a ‘Female Human’ or ‘Male Human’, which complement each other or parallel each other. The Calabi–Yau manifold perfectly described how each of the illustrated Dimensions relates to each other.”

“It all started where it is now the 8th Dimension with a Super Active Force YHWH which divides into the 3 Strings Y, H, and W, as mentioned earlier. Each Energy Dimension, excluding 8th, and from 7th to 5th has a parallel Physical Dimension of 1st to 3rd respectively. The Antimatter and matter as demonstrated by Einstein E=MC2 , M= E/C2 and 2 new Periodic Tables of Parent Radionuclide and Daughter Nuclide support this hypothesis. The 4th Dimension and its contents are shared by both the 3rd and 5th Dimensions. The existence of 8 Dimensions can be computed mathematically through N=8 Supergravity and E8 X E8 Supersymmetry group theories with its 11 natural forces that are misidentified as 11 Dimensions,” said Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Ainuu Afamsaga said, “The 7th and 1st Dimensions are home to 3 types of Photons or pure ENERGY, Electromagnetic and Electroweak forces which created all 100 Elements in Periods 9th to 10th of the 2 New Periodic Tables. The Photons, again, created 3 Quarks and 3 Gluons, Spacetime and Strong Nuclear Forces for the 6th and 2nd TIME Dimensions and all its 64 Elements in Periods 7 to 8. Lastly, the Photons created an Electron, Gravity and Weak Nuclear Forces for the 5th and 3rd SPACE or MASS Dimensions and all its 36 Elements in Periods 5 to 6. The 5th and 3rd Dimensions shared the 4th TIME Dimension or twice 3 Quarks, 3 Gluons, Spacetime and Strong Nuclear Forces to give birth or create MASS for anything from its 18 Elements in Periods 1 to 4. Notice the total of 10 natural forces listed plus the 4th TIME Dimensions that have 2 natural forces that are counted twice. This accounted for the 11 misidentified Dimensions. The 10 Periods or 10 natural forces, 5 Blocks or 5 Higgs Fields within the 4th Dimensions created by Pentaquark, 50 Groups created by 10 natural forces, 5 Higgs Field and differentiate by 3 Quarks, Antiquarks and its 218 Elements provides evidence of 8 Dimensions, parallel Universes and Strings.”

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24 DNA is a privately held company in Garden Grove, CA (formerly located in La Mirada, CA). The company is in the business of licensing its various patent discoveries to specific manufacturers.

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