iPad Accessories Supplier iThrough Posted 28 Bestselling iPad Accessories for Apple Fans

IPad enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that iPad accessories store iThrough listed 28 bestselling iPad accessories on its site.

Hong Kong, China, July 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Mac accessories shop iThrough listed 28 bestselling iPad accessories on its site last week.

28 hottest iPad accessories include iPad 2 stands, iPad 2 body protectors, iPad 2 cases, iPad 2 covers and iPad 2 bags.

The Apple craze is still ongoing. Shoppers on iThrough were constantly asking them to post top sellers on the site so that they could follow suit. In order to cater for the customers’ needs, the data analysts of iThrough analyzed all the data and finally listed those items on its website according to Carol Chang, Public Relations manager for iThrough.

“Apple’s new gadgets can always set off a heat wave. Widespread news and magazines report that iPhone 5 will be released in late August or early September and iPad 3 will come in the beginning of next year,” said Mrs. Chang. “But iPad 2 is the hottest one right now. Therefore iPad accessories are also hotter than other Apple products. IThrough is pleased to list those top sellers for our customers.”

Carol Chang revealed that the sourcing team of iThrough was working hard to find if there were iPhone 5 accessories from any factory. IThrough wanted to have iPhone 5 accessories in stock as soon as iPhone 5 is launched. “IThrough released iPad 2 cases the day after iPad 2 released, and we hope that iPhone 5 cases do the same as well.”

IThrough.com, located in Hong Kong, has been selling Apple accessories all over the world. IThrough offers over 3,000 accessories and parts for all manner of Apple products, from first generation iPod to the latest generation iPad or iPhone on offer with unbeatable prices and worldwide free shipping service. All the products have gone through three standard quality control processes before shipping and a six month guarantee on all items on iThrough.

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Carol Chang