Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough Takes Fundraising Efforts to the Slopes of Whistler, Canada

Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough will hold a fundraising weekend, in support of his Dorough Lupus Foundation, on April 27-30, 2007 in Whistler, BC., Canada.

Toronto, Canada, March 29, 2007 --( Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough has taken to the slopes in support of his Dorough Lupus Foundation. The Foundation will be holding a fundraising weekend on April 27-30, 2007 in Whistler, BC., Canada.

The 3-night event offers lots of up-close and personal time with Howie D, and includes events such as a live auction – with some amazing prizes – and a hot chocolate party. Howie will even be guest DJ'ing at a local club!

“This is the first fundraising event that the Foundation has held in the Pacific Northwest and we are hoping for a good turnout,” said Angie Herring, CEO of the Foundation.

Date: April 27-30, 2007
Location: Whistler Village, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Cost: Prices vary based on room occupancy
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About the Dorough Lupus Foundation (DLF)
Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys) established the Dorough Lupus Foundation in memory of his sister, Caroline Dorough-Cochran, who succumbed to the devastating disease, lupus. The Foundation’s goal is to generate financial support for organizations and individuals dedicated to research into, treatment of, and public education about the disease. It also provides financial assistance to organizations that help people living with lupus who cannot afford treatment.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease, which causes inflammation of various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood and kidneys. The immune system normally protects the body against viruses, bacteria and other foreign materials. In an autoimmune disease like lupus, the immune system loses its ability to tell the difference between foreign substances and it own cells and tissues. The immune system then makes anti-bodies directed against itself.

For more information about both the Dorough Lupus Foundation (DLF):
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