Finding Time's Solo-E Certified Expert Celebrates Simplify Your Life Week

Heart-Based Time Management Master Coach and Mentor shares ideas on how to clear the clutter from solo-business effectively.

Francestown, NH, August 01, 2011 --( When you run a small business on your own, time becomes the most precious commodity. That’s according to one Certified Expert Paula Eder who is using “Simplify Your Life Week” to make more time in her business and helping other solo professionals do the same.

Observed during the first week of August, “Simplify Your Life Week” calls attention to ways to reduce clutter and stress to add more valuable time to one’s life.

“The question for any business owner is: Do you want a business you work on or work in?,” explains the Time Management expert. “Many solo-professionals create a business hoping to gain more time for other things, but end up working harder and spending more time in their business than they want.”

Founded in 2006, Eder’s business, Finding Time, helps hard-working solopreneurs and small business owners find the time they need to create and sustain thriving businesses while nurturing their creativity, health and heart connections. Eder is one of 50 solo professionals who are certified by

“Time is the most important asset a solo professional has – and unlike money, once you’ve spent it, you can’t earn any more,” says Terri Zwierzynski, CEO and founder of “So how do you get more of it? Creating systems that work for you, outsourcing strategically and eliminating distractions. Do this and you’ll be amazed at how you can stay focused on the key priorities to propel your business forward.”

Together, Eder and Zwierzynski share some tactics to simplify a small business and find more time:

Create systems for things you do over and over again. “Write down every step of a task you do,” says founder Zwierzynski. “Then look for ways to automate any of the process to make it easier. Once you have systems and automation in place, it makes it easy for anyone to do the job you want.”

Eliminate non-critical distractions. “Do you answer every email as soon as it comes in instead of checking it at set times? That is a big distraction to getting things done,” says Finding Time’s Founder and Master Coach Paula Eder.

Delegate. According to Zwierzynski, “No one is good at every job. It is often more cost-effective to outsource tasks that are taking too much time to complete or you aren’t very good at. And when you have the systems in place already, you can focus on more profitable things without worry.”

Simplify, simplify, simplify. As Eder notes, “You can’t be all things to all people. Remember that saying No in one area may be absolutely necessary to making a Yes possible someplace else. So work to reframe your No as a positive. What do you want to be saying Yes to in your life?”

Eder adds that it’s important to stick with it. As with any new skill, it gets easier with practice. She says, “Initially setting a boundary may be difficult, but maintaining that boundary is the challenge that provides you with the rewards. Start with small, easy boundaries and work your way up … or try setting a 'time-limited' one, which is only in force for a short period of time. Smaller steps ensure success!”

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