Xclaiming an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World

As part of their on-going outreach, Xclaimed Ministries provides another concert in the park for the community. Providing toys and bicycles to the children and free food for everyone.

Stanton, CA, August 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Saturday, July 30th, Xclaimed Ministries provided another exciting day of fun, food, music and a message of Hope in the City of Stanton. The excitement was scheduled to begin at 3:30 in the afternoon, but families began to attend hours earlier. In anticipation for the early arrivers, the ministry was prepared with jumpers and activities for the children.

Right on time, the Xclaimed Ministries’ band took the stage and provided a full concert in the park. Chaze, M’Chel, Alan, Shad, Ed and Steve are crowd favorites and brought an amazing fresh sound to the community. Chaze Karanick, the lead singer, introduced new songs and the crowd loved them. Many people were dancing and enjoying the concert.

Pastor Paul Karanick, founder of Xclaimed Ministries, began his message with a special prayer for Mike Boswith and family, a local pastor of the Church of the Nazarene. Mike’s son had a recent complication at the emergency room which left him paralyzed and his wife was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Karanick said that the doctors have not given Mike and his family any hope, but our Hope comes through the grace of Jesus Christ. The entire park grew quiet and still as the attendees bowed their heads while Karanick lead the people in a prayer to ask God for miracles that are beyond medical comprehension.

The children waited in anticipation as Karanick’s wife, Christina, drew names to give away four new bicycles. Just before taking the stage, Christina summoned for the crew to bring out four more bicycles; giving away a total of eight bicycles. Christina said, "I felt that we could give away more bicycles, especially since we had so many children attending. Before the event started, I think we already had over a hundred children here and four bicycles just weren’t enough. We had already purchased the bicycles for our August 5th event in Whittier College Avenue Church and for the September 24th Concert in the Park here in Stanton - I figured that we could give away a few of those bicycles and purchase four more later this month for the September concert." It was a good choice; the families that won the bicycles were in tears. One lady said her family has never won anything and today was a blessing for her and her daughter.

Once the bicycles were given away, Xclaimed Ministries’ toy team came out and brought hundreds of toys for the children and every child received two toys.

Besides hundreds of toys, Xclaimed Ministries gave away over 320 free cheeseburger meals, hundreds of free New American Standard Bibles and over twenty people responded to accepting Jesus Christ into their life in response to Pastor Paul’s message of Hope.

The next Xclaimed event is at the Whittier College Avenue Church of the Nazarene. The first four hundred people receive free Original Tommy’s Hamburger. For additional details visit http://www.xclaimed.org or call (714)803-9692.

Xclaimed Ministries, Inc
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