Share Your Real Stories with the Whole World, the newly launched content web site, provides Internet users with interesting real stories written and commented by its readers.

Renton, WA, March 29, 2007 --(, a new web site that captures real stories from real people, is now live. is a free site that contains stories, blogs, forums, letters and comments submitted by its readers living anywhere in the World. This site allows its readers to enjoy somebody else’s stories, or if they would like to share real life stories with others, to try on the writer’s hat.

Many people think that they are not writers. How do they know if they don’t try? YourLifeYourStory’s readers can talk to their friends about what just happened to them yesterday or what they remember from a long time ago. And just as they can tell a story, they can write it down, submit it to the YourLifeYourStory site and share it with others. It’s easy and it’s free. Maybe they’ll find out that their stories are popular and they’ll feel encouraged to write some more. They can also learn from other writer/reader’s comments what is great about their style and what they can do to improve it.'s goal is to create a strong sense of community by sharing stories from people’s lives, actively participating in forums, commenting on people’s stories, and giving continuous feedback so that they can improve their/your site.

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