Biowater’s Wastewater Treatment Systems Treat 4 Times the Amount of Wastewater in the Same Space

Company develops environmentally friendly and cost effective wastewater solutions

Cumberland, RI, August 04, 2011 --( Biowater Technology provides industries with wastewater treatment systems that treat four times the amount of wastewater in the same space. The treatment and reuse water treatments plants are proven systems, built with patented Norwegian technology and a proven business idea with twenty two years of experience in biological fixed-film design and thirty five years in the industry.

Biowater Technology is an expert in all types of industries that have wastewater treatment requirements from municipalities to the textile and pharmaceutical industries. The company tests, analyzes and assess the wastewater to determine the appropriate water treatment plant for implementation. The company installs the system, and then guarantees that is running smoothly, as a part of their comprehensive service.

The technologies that have been designed into the systems have made the treatment solutions more compact, treating four times the amount of wastewater in the same space. The biological wastewater treatment plants are flexible, stable and provide a cost-effective solution, without unnecessary products, equipment or up-sells.

Biowater Technology believes that water is one of the most valuable resources and should be reduced, reused and sustained to help contribute to a healthier planet. The company is available for free consultations and can be contacted directly.

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