Mechdyne’s Newest Software Release for Immersive Environments Includes Support for Multi-Users and Motion Capture

Marshalltown, IA, August 04, 2011 --( Mechdyne Corporation today announced the release of Conduit™ 3.0, an immersive software solution that enables desktop 3D applications to operate on PC clusters, virtual environments, and tiled high resolution displays.

This latest version of Conduit supports a wide variety of desktop applications, including: NX, TeamCenter, ENOVIA/CATIA/DEMIA V5, Pro/ENGINEER, Maya, Blender Game Engine, Google Sketchup, Navisworks, Google Earth and VisIt. Conduit enables use of these desktop applications with 3D and high resolution displays and provides real-time viewing perspective for simpler reviews and faster data analysis. These benefits can reduce a product’s time to market, improve decision-making, let users see more details, and enable users to navigate through designs. With this impressive package of benefits, Conduit is especially useful for simulations, engineering design reviews, seismic interpretation, system analysis, architectural walk-throughs, and urban planning that fuses GIS data and 3D models such as buildings and infrastructure.

Conduit 3.0 also provides support for multiple users and motion capture capabilities. Developed in partnership with Haption, Conduit 3.0 enables a user to be “inside” a Dassault Systemes V5 avatar rather than “puppeteering” the human model from an outside perspective, as has been available in the past. “This new level of motion capture support will allow multiple participants in a shared virtual environment to collaborate and interact with their engineering designs, assemblies, and process simulations, all from the first person perspective,” said Julien Berta, Vice President of Innovation and Technology for Mechdyne’s Software Division.

Conduit’s new motion capture capability will enable multiple users a unique view of the virtual environment, each from their own perspective. This new feature will be especially helpful for situations like engineering designs, architectural walkthroughs, and urban planning.

Other features of Conduit 3.0 include a web-based launcher, immersive panels for interactions within a VR display, and VNC support for viewing of a desktop.

According to Matt Szymanski, Vice President of Products for Mechdyne’s Software Division, “One of the key advantages of Conduit is that it helps save time, reduce risk and eliminates dependencies because it enables users to work with their native applications and data. No time is wasted and data integrity isn’t jeopardized by porting to different formats. Instead, Conduit intercepts the data and redirects it to multi-channel and 3D displays.”

“Not only are Conduit users able to simply click a button and view their desktop visuals on any immersive display, but using Conduit 3.0 you can have more than one person interacting with the data. Also, the new motion capture capabilities enable multiple motion capture users to interact with the data, while other participants can watch from an out-of-body perspective and observe their performance,” said Szymanski.

To learn more, visit the Conduit webpage, or request more information.

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