CornDigital Introduces Digital Signage Touch Screen Solution

Interactive TouchScreen directories are becoming more popular because they provide service that an attendant or store associate would otherwise have to provide.

Chino, CA, August 04, 2011 --( CornDigital recently incorporates Interactive TouchScreen to integrate with its existing Digital Signage Solutions. It has become a new trend in the Digital Signage market to integrate touch screen with digital signage. Such solution can be used for a variety of applications in school, corporate and retail sectors such as building directory, wayfinding, and introducing business products and information to inform and make sales. In contrary to traditional static systems, touch screen solution simply makes it easier, more fun and attractive to users.

One example of using touch screen as shopping center directory explains its advantages. Not only can the shopping center displays direction map on the screen, it can also present a list of advertisements to attract guest's attentions and allow them to freely select advertisements that are interested to them. Once the ad has been selected, the screen will display more information about the selected promotion and locate the store on the map to guide user to the shop. All these can be created easily with Flash or Powerpoint and transferred to the touchscreen with CornDigital's user-friendly web-based platform. Interactive contents that can be created on a webpage or using powerpoint can all be displayed on the touch screen easily.

"We believe Digital Signage TouchScreen technology will provide our clients the opportunity to make the most use out of their digital signage displays as it offers them the most flexibility and reliability within the most efficient manner," says Mr. Liu, the president of CornDigital.

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