Online RC Model Site Hobbymoon Warned People to Watch Out for Fires While Flying RC Helicopters

RC hobbyists have to caution against fires while flying RC helicopters in summer according to online RC model shop Hobbymoon.

Shenzhen, China, August 03, 2011 --( Online RC car shop Hobbymoon warned people to watch out for fires during RC model contests.

According to fire officials in California, a remote-controlled helicopter caused a grass fire on Eagles Nest Road and Kiefer Boulevard in Sacramento County on July 25.

Online RC helicopter site Hobbymoon launched a new line of brushless motors and Lithium batteries this Monday. Besides, they also sent all the batteries that were produced last year back to manufacturers. Gloria Anist, Public Relations manager for Hobbymoon said the company wanted to warn people to watch out for fires while flying RC helicopters, especially in summer.

In a short announcement, he said, “summer is a fun fly season for RC hobbyists, but fire will put a damper on that enjoyment and happiness. As we all know, dry weather will easily lead to fires. People have to watch out for fires whenever they play RC models in summer.”

Mrs. Anist also said the motor was one factor that easily led to fires.

“RC models use brushed motors or brushless motors. During flying, the motor of RC models is constantly whirring and generating heat. In summer, heat cools slower than that in other seasons. Finally, heat may lead to sparks and even fire. People have to cut playing time and meanwhile make sure that they are using good quality motors,” said Mrs. Anist.

According to Mrs. Anist, Lithium batteries also easily led to fires.

“Every RC enthusiast should know that Lithium batteries easily catch fire, especially bad quality and old Lithium batteries,” said Mrs. Anist. “In summer, we should check the batteries to see if they are swollen. Swollen batteries couldn’t be used any more.”

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Gloria Anist