Top Income Earners are Flocking to a Company Called Global Resorts Network...Why?

Global Resorts Network with their partnership with a leading luxury resort travel membership company has created a business opportunity that is causing a stampede of top income earners joining from all different kinds of company. The product and pay plan is what has everybody buzzing. A real product with a pay plan that will create financial freedom to thousands of people.

Valley Center, CA, March 30, 2007 --( With all the buzz and all the hype surrounding Global Resorts Network, a direct sales company with a unique pay plan, industry veteran Ernesto Baluyot decided to investigate. What was found was an opportunity that was not quite MLM, but had a pay plan, called Perpetual Leverage, which created a residual type of income. An income that will be producing $1,000 override checks from unlimited width to unlimited depth.

Also what was found was a product that has traditionally been sold for over $10,000 now being marketed for much less. The product was basically a membership to over 5000 4 and 5 star luxury resorts with no restrictions, no blackout dates, and none of the traditional headaches and hassles of a timeshare. For people who love to travel, it is a no brainer. A traveler will be able to stay in beautiful resorts saving thousands on every trip.

Those 2 items, Ernesto Baluyot found, was what was causing all the buzz concerning the home-based business opportunity. And from what was discovered, it was well founded.

Because of what was found, Ernesto Baluyot decided to not miss the boat and partnered up with Global Resorts Network to begin the process of building a huge network of affiliates who wanted the financial freedom Global Resorts network was going to offer.

With his experience, almost 5 years, of building an organization and of marketing, this business opportunity is going to be his biggest company he has formed. He expects to create hundreds of multiple six figure earners. With the pay plan and product, it doesn't look like it is going to be a hard feat. Couple that with his extensive experience in taking a product and marketing it, prospective affiliates are going to have a leg up on taking advantage of this tremendous money making opportunity.

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Ernesto Baluyot