Building Clouds Updates Opendiem Pricing Packages

Building Clouds' OpendiemConnected service, including the new free 30-day trial, allows users to connect to their facilities over the internet and access Energy Management or Building Automation Systems from the Web with no upfront costs.

Union City, CA, August 04, 2011 --( Building Clouds' new pricing programs and OpendiemConnected™ cloud services are designed to allow building controls integrators to aggressively quote automation projects. The OpendiemConnected service, including the new free 30-day trial, allows users to connect to their facilities over the internet and access the Energy Management or Building Automation System from the Web with no upfront costs. In addition to the free offering, monthly subscriptions range from Light at $199, Standard at $299, Corporate at $499, Enterprise at $699, and Global at $999. The Internet connection to the facility is made through existing third party IP routers such as Echelon’s SmartServers or Loytec’s L-INX Automation Servers.

In an article recently published at, Building Clouds President Robert Wallace writes “The days of a building automation system being installed and forgotten in a dusty maintenance office or closet for fifteen years are gone. Core intelligence will continue to exist locally in facilities, yet more and more the bells and whistles will be cost effectively provided through cloud connected services.”

The OpendiemConnected service is not intended to replace the existing automation software solution. The always on service gives users the convenience of monitoring and controlling their facilities from internet connected devices such as laptops and smartphones.

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We provide complete hardware and software solutions for Building Automation and Energy Management Systems that seamlessly integrate data generated from building services and industrial processes into a simple easy to use web-based interface accessible literally anywhere, anytime. The Opendiem™ Suite can be hosted on any virtual cloud-based hardware platform so it doesn’t require a proprietary connection to a controls network. Using your existing IT network infrastructure or the Internet, Opendiem allows you to monitor and control the settings and efficiency of building systems and industrial processes. Based on proven communications standards, Opendiem is fluent in most building management and industrial control system protocols. Product details can be found at

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