IncentOne Launches Condition-Specific Incentive Programs

Solution Delivers Incentives Tied to More Than 25 Different Health Conditions and Risk Factors

Lyndhurst, NJ, August 05, 2011 --( IncentOne, the leading provider of incentive solutions to the healthcare industry, has enhanced its Health Power™ platform to offer condition-specific incentive programs.

With this solution, IncentOne will enable payers, health service companies, employers, governments and administrators to align incentives to evidence-based guidelines and associated participation, outcomes, process and utilization measures tied to a myriad of health conditions, some of which include:

- Diabetes
- High cholesterol
- High blood pressure
- Obesity
- Asthma
- Cardiovascular diseases

As part of the solution, each condition module offers a series of incentive actions to which incentives may be tied. As an example, for diabetes, activities include:

- Preventive provider visits that include physical examinations, eye/vision testing,
nutrition and exercise programs, etc.
- Biometric screenings such as HbA1c and LDL-C testing
- Adherence to evidence-based guidelines
- Use of lower cost services
- Use of lower cost and higher quality providers
- Medication adherence
- Participate in diabetic online education
- Participate in online/telephonic coaching
- Order and utilization of compression stockings
- Adoption of extremity moisturizing regime

Activities for each condition can be delivered in any combination and associated with any incentive values or reward type. Data can be provided through multiple data sources and self-reporting mediums.

“For each condition, we hope to drive not only adherence to evidence-based guidelines, but also to optimal utilization such as using lower cost and higher quality providers,” says Michael Dermer, President and CEO of IncentOne. “Our customers can now address these conditions across their populations with a combination of participation, outcome and utilization activities.”

“Condition-specific incentives provide the opportunity to attack specific high cost health risks,” says Dr. David Gorstein, President of Health Innovations. “This provides targeted protocols that align with evidence-based guidelines and the health management tools being used to drive cost reduction.”

IncentOne’s solutions have driven over 20 million health transactions. IncentOne will employ its large data set and guide customers on how to most effectively implement a condition-specific program with the appropriate mix of actions that deliver immediate, intermediate and long-term return on investment.

About IncentOne

IncentOne delivers cost savings and health improvement by engaging healthcare consumers and providers through the use of incentives. IncentOne serves customers representing over 75 million lives, has processed 20 million health transactions and driven 13 million health milestones through 125 data partners. IncentOne delivers cost savings and health improvement by combining solutions and science - marrying its highly flexible its Universal Remote™ technology platform with the “Science of Health Incentives”™ to drive both outcomes and participation-based behaviors. IncentOne’s Universal Remote technology enables customers to drive “any action for any value for any reward via any medium” and to align incentives not only to long-term savings but also to immediate and intermediate savings via its Trifecta™ methodology. IncentOne’s solutions are married with leading-edge strategies such as value-based benefit design, medical homes, accountable care organizations, telehealth, pay-for-performance and provider payment reform to deliver true engagement. IncentOne programs target consumers to improve utilization, increase prevention, avoid hospitalizations, reduce readmissions, choose lower cost providers, reduce health risks, increase medication adherence and steer benefit selection and providers to adopt e-prescribing and EMR technology, adhere to treatment protocols and improve patient safety. IncentOne is the founder of Incentive Driven Healthcare (IDH)™ - based on its belief that incentives for healthcare consumers and providers is the next great movement in healthcare. For more information go to

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