Relay for Life - Luminaries, Glow Sticks and Products

Lakewood, IL, March 30, 2007 --( Soon the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life events will take place in cities across the country. The events each year raise millions to help combat a disease that has, so far, eluded a cure.  The events start in the early evening and go all night, with many goals in mind: Support and encouragement for survivors, remembering those who have lost their fight with cancer, and giving participants a unique way to contribute to cancer research, and direct assistance for families locally affected by cancer.

At the event, it has become common over the years for luminaries to be placed along the track. Each luminary has the name of a loved one who lost their battle with cancer. "They represent that person's sprit," one volunteer noted. "The luminary is a reminder of a loved one who is present in spirit, not in body."

But weather conditions don't always cooperate. When candles are used in the luminaries they become vulnerable to the elements. Rain and wind can extinguish the luminaries, and wind can cause the bags to catch on fire. Additionally, with drought being a regular concern in many areas during the summer, many localities ban candles to prevent grass or wildfires from being ignited.

However, a local Chicago-area businessman has the solution that keeps the light - and the spirit - burning all night, regardless of weather conditions. Jim Busby, owner of, a leader in providing glow technology devices for promotional, safety, and fundraising needs, provides glow sticks, which are impervious to any weather fluctuations and last through the night.

"Being from Chicago, we know a little bit about wind and bad weather. Using glow sticks to light the luminaries takes the variable of weather out of the event. Organizers and participants can focus on the event, and all that it provides, instead of worrying about keeping luminaries going. We attend Relays every weekend in June here in Chicago, helping to raise thousands of dollars, and every time we leave inspired by the people and their stories of accomplishment."

Additionally, other products, like Awareness Bracelets, Glow necklaces and bracelets are sold at the event to raise money for the local chapter which provides direct assistance for families affected by cancer in their community.

Nicaboyne provides all their glow products at a discount to Relay organizers, and a percentage of all annual proceeds are donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, making the Relay for Life a win-win for everyone.

For more information on using glow sticks and other glow products for your local events, go to, or contact 866-442-9100.

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