For Geocaching in France, Try Cap d’Agde

Mobile users will appreciate being able to discover Cap d’Agde, the famous Mediterranean resort, and its surrounding areas via an attractive mobile website.

Cap d'Agde, France, August 06, 2011 --( Book online for a great holiday in Cap d’Agde.

For a great family holiday in France on the Mediterranean coast, book online. The holiday rental online booking service enables you to consult the list of accommodation available in Cap d’Agde for the dates you choose, such as 2* hotels. And for couples with 2 children who appreciate the freedom of a self-catering apartment or villa, there is a vast choice of rentals for 4 people. If you prefer all-inclusive holidays, you will undoubtedly like the holiday villages. Or for those who like the open air, there are plenty of campsites.

Cap d’Agde is an unforgettable holiday resort on the Mediterranean coast, it offers families a wide range of beach activities. It also welcomes visitors to discover the rich beauty of its historical heritage and the enormous diversity of the surrounding natural environment, such as the Mont Saint-Loup and the Bagnas National Natural Reserve.

A mobile website for the Cap d’Agde holiday resort.

In the Summer of 2011, the Cap d’Agde resort launched a website specially for smartphones.

Now preparing your family holiday on the Mediterranean coast is child’s play. Mobile users are asked to indicate their preferences in their personal profile. The service is simple to configure and users will receive customised and pertinent web search results direct to their mobile. So it is extremely easy to see the range of family activities, that you can also enjoy with friends or alone.

During your holiday in Cap d’Agde, without internet access through a computer, what a pleasure to be able to choose your leisure pastimes according to the weather, your desires and the last minute activity schedule.

Cap d’Agde is a well known coastal resort, but there are plenty of alternatives to lazing on the beach, some of which are reserved for kids: Guided tours of the Agathois museum and Ephebe museum, ranch visits, tennis coaching, etc.

If the weather is bad, don’t panic. The “Great, it’s raining!” section is the ideal solution to spend a fantastic day out as a family, with visits and gourmet activities.

If you want to try Geocaching, France offers a wide range of locations and the Cap d’Agde mobile website is brilliant to use to discover the Mediterranean coast. This is in fact a treasure hunt that you try to complete using your mobile phone. Participants are oriented to four locations, caches localised using a GPS. Each contains clues to lead you to a fifth cache location where the treasure is hidden. Geocaching hunts are a fun activity that can be spread over a few days, as they are fully adaptable to the pace of each family. There are two geocaching routes in Cap d’Agde: One takes participants through the magnificent natural areas of the region, while the other takes them around several historical locations.

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