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Opinion Aggregating Site Allows Visitors to Influence Policy by Gathering Public Poll Results Leveraging the Power of Thousands of Votes. Online Community Reveals Its Thoughts on Today’s Hottest Topics Reporting: 58% Feel War Will Break Out Between Israel and Iran, 47% Have Sex Less Than 2-3 Times a Week, 55% Feel Sarah Palin Should Not Run for Office in 2012, 55% Approve of the Building of the Ground Zero Mosque, 96% Believe Gay Marriage Should be Legal

New York, NY, August 06, 2011 --(, a newly launched opinion-aggregating site, allows visitors to quickly and easily create polls or surveys, immediately access reporting and analytics tools, and influence public policy. Qwanz does this by gathering public opinion and leveraging it with thousands of other votes from across the Internet. Poll results can then be sent automatically to decision makers capable of influencing change.

“It’s time for the silent majority to find their voice,” said Pierre Sernet, CEO of Qwanz. “People feel frustrated by what they hear from the government, press and corporations and dissatisfied by and disconnected from the decision-making process. Qwanz provides a solution, serving as a medium for the collaboration and activation of ideas 'because one voice may not be heard but thousands together cannot be ignored™'.” has emerged as a platform for public discussion on today’s most pressing topics ranging from arts and entertainment to news and politics. Thousands of users have flocked to the site to take their opinion to the world, gather support for their cause and harness the power of the Internet. Qwanz turns independent free thinking and speech into action.

Qwanz is designed to enable two-way communication by creating an online community where people have a dedicated outlet to post their thoughts, concerns or proposed solutions regarding world events or day-to-day issues. With “Qwanz-It,” users have the ability to forward responses to key decision makers including elected officials, government agencies the press or corporations, in other words to people who can cause change.

Some of this site’s other key features include a detailed demographic analysis of respondents, an unlimited number of allowed survey responses, embeddable surveys, custom poll widgets, a discussion forum and individual user profiles, all features that position Qwanz as the leading “go-to” opinion aggregator.

Unlike other news sites that employ gatekeepers or editors, Qwanz visitors are not restricted by what they can ask or discuss. The site provides easy-to-use tools that allow visitors to act as their own editors; they are free to set up any poll they wish and get the public's opinion to any thoughts or postings that they would like via voting and commenting.

As soon as a minimum number of votes is reached, detailed statistical analysis of the poll results are available in real time, and visitors are able to forward the responses and opinions to the appropriate decision-makers.

In addition to providing an outlet of expression for individuals, Qwanz serves as a centralized poll resource for websites and bloggers who want free and powerful sticky content. By embedding Qwanz polls and surveys, bloggers and website publishers can benefit from the accumulated results from other sites which lead to significantly larger and more accurate poll results.

To date, Qwanz has tackled a wide-range of hard-hitting issues across nine different categories including news, politics, business, culture, lifestyle, sports, science and technology, religion, careers and education.

The site’s rapidly-growing online community has voiced its opinion on everything from President Obama’s employment policies to Lady GaGa’s music videos, revealing current sentiments and insights on today’s trending or pressing issues. Selected poll findings at reveal the following:

· 55% of over 9,400 respondents approve of the building of the Ground Zero Mosque
· 58% of over 1,300 respondents feel there will be a war between Israel and Iran
· 47% of over 2,600 respondents report having sex less than 2-3 times a week
· 55% of over 3,100 respondents feel that Sarah Palin should not run for office in 2012
· 96% of over 1,100 respondents believe that gay marriage should be legal

Qwanz is ideologically and politically neutral. It does not have political, moral or religious affiliation; it is not a spokesperson
for any organization. Qwanz is a community of committed individuals who want to make a difference. It believes in giving everyone a voice by providing a direct line to elected officials, influential parties, and 
interested journalists.

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