Atlanta Shows Strong Support for Local Startups and Growing Businesses

Atlanta, GA, August 06, 2011 --( With news that hiring had slowed, preventing unemployment levels from dropping as predicted, 2011 began with an inauspicious economic outlook. Georgia in particular entered the year seeking to end a three year slide of job losses. While the times have been hard on business across the board, startup and budding small businesses in the heart of Metropolitan Atlanta have continued to emerge, undeterred by the grim conditions.

Largely against what might be expected with the overall economic climate, Junction Creative Solutions (Junction), an Atlanta-based strategy firm, and its local clients have managed to show that entrepreneurship is alive and well. Driven by innovation and carefully executed strategies to overcome the volatility of the small business environment, both Junction and a number of its Atlanta-based clients are achieving unprecedented growth in the first half of 2011.

AcuteCare Telemedicine, an emerging Atlanta-based teleneurology services provider, has seen business grow 60% since 2010. The company has successfully contracted with both urban and suburban hospitals in the Atlanta area to provide expert neurology services through remote presence technologies. AcuteCare’s model drives down costs for medical facilities while effectively increasing quality of care, potentially saving lives in the process.

The 4 partners remain optimistic in the continued growth of their business in Georgia and throughout the Southeast as the company gains visibility in the industry. “Atlanta has long been a successful incubator for entrepreneurs,” says Matthews Gwynn, M.D., CEO, AcuteCare Telemedicine. COO, Keith Sanders, M.D. adds, “Even in these difficult financial times, the reasonable regulatory environment will help this city continue to lead the way as the economy improves.”

Competitive Sports Analysis, LLC (CSA), headed by serial entrepreneur Diane Bloodworth, launched a new interactive website integrated with its pioneering scoutPRO™ technology, designed to help fantasy football players gain a competitive edge. CSA has fostered growth throughout the first and second quarters by embracing a well planned business and marketing strategy.

Bloodworth is fond of the entrepreneurial environment in Atlanta, having moved from Washington, D.C. 6 years ago. “I am always impressed with the support of Atlanta’s community. We have received excellent guidance through initiatives like the StartupChicks Accelerator Program and the ATDC Angel Readiness Program.” Added Bloodworth, “With the resources available here to businesses such as ours, it has been very rewarding to see our ideas successfully implemented.”

Julie Gareleck, Managing Partner, Junction, says, “We are fortunate to have clients who reinforce the core principles of our own business: authenticity, integrity, value, and most importantly, true entrepreneurship.” Junction has exemplified a strong belief in the power of the right planning for business. “Our firm is dedicated to delivering strategies that hold strong value for our clients, and we work diligently to practice what we preach.”

Gareleck’s firm and its clients take a measure of inspiration from each other to drive business, drawing insight from the attitudes and approaches displayed by one another. In its own strategy and execution, Junction is positioned well to creatively react to the constant changes surrounding the business environment.

Theory M, a software development and consulting firm that leverages new technologies to help clients implement multimedia strategies across multiple platforms, has valued Junction’s philosophies to capitalize on hidden opportunities available to them in Atlanta. “Like Junction, we recognize that we need to be flexible. Luckily, Atlanta is a growth area for new technology and is attracting the type of talented professionals that are interested in the challenge,” says Michael Mayer, Managing Partner, Theory M.

Coming from completely varied industries, businesses such as AcuteCare Telemedicine, Competitive Sports Analysis, and Theory M are showing that Atlanta is ripe with entrepreneurs and small businesses that are prospering with the right approach. “Despite the outlook, it is a promising time for an opportunistic business that knows how to acclimatize itself,” says Gareleck. “Atlanta is experiencing a boom of businesses that have come to this realization, and we’re so excited to be part of it.”

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Junction Creative Solutions (Junction) combines the intellectual capital of a consulting firm with the creative execution of an advertising agency to create effective and measurable strategies. The strategic solutions align with specific business goals and objectives, and provide consistency from strategic planning through execution. As a result, our clients are able to maximize opportunities to react, adapt, and thrive -- ultimately creating more sustainable and competitive businesses. Junction’s portfolio boasts successful strategies for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies.

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