Touchtown Enters Corrections Market with New Product

“Touchtown Reentry Program” Helps Inmates Prepare for Life Outside Bars

Oakmont, PA, August 03, 2011 --( Touchtown Inc. announced today that it is entering the corrections market with the launch of its newest product, the Touchtown Reentry Program, at the 141st Congress of Corrections in Kissimmee, Florida on August 5-10, 2011. The new product is based on Touchtown’s successful Studio product which is already in use at over 1,100 customer locations across North America and has posted a near-100% customer retention rate since its launch in 2004.

“This new product is a breakthrough for correctional facilities searching for cost-effective ways to decrease recidivism,” says Jeff Pepper, Touchtown’s President and CEO. “It gives them the tools they need to prepare inmates for succeeding in life after their release from the facility by engaging inmates in educational programs in their cells and outside. This improves behavior, enhances life skills, and reduces the likelihood of inmates returning to prison. And it’s very affordable.”

The Touchtown Reentry Program includes a web-based content authoring system, one in-house television channel, two digital signage systems for broadcasting in lobbies, cafeterias and other public areas, and a complete library of video training programs with over 30 hours of high quality training for improving life skills and earning a General Education Diploma. The program also includes installation, a three year equipment warranty, and unlimited software upgrades, training and support.

Correctional facilities use Touchtown’s content manager to easily create programming for the TV channel and digital signs. It lets them combine slides (such as announcements) with educational video that comes bundled with the product, other customer-provided video, live video feeds, and movies. The product also automatically generates activity calendars in PDF format that can be printed, emailed, or posted online.

Over 30 hours of educational video content is provided through Touchtown’s content distribution partnerships with two leading video education companies: Reelizations Media and VideoLab MultiMedia.

Reelizations Media provides 11 hours of high quality video training programs in how to master critical life skills including anger management, avoiding substance abuse, and balancing work and personal life. “We deliver messages in a way offenders can relate to, by featuring credible role-models, dramatic re-enactments, and no-jive information,” says Diane Colello, President of Reelizations Media. “Working with Touchtown and their new technology model lets us impact more individuals in a personal, positive way.”

VideoLab MultiMedia provides a complete program that prepares individual for taking and passing the General Education Diploma (GED) exam. It consists of 39 half-hour segments on all topics covered in the GED test. “The GED Connection Series clearly and quickly provides the concise, but in-depth knowledge base to pass the GED and thus gives opportunity for the student to succeed in the real world,” says Marty Nelson, President of VideoLab MultiMedia. “Touchtown has built a platform that provides tools for individuals to become winners in life and we are proud to be associated with this project.”

About Touchtown Inc.
Touchtown Inc. ( is the leading provider of technology products that bring communities together. Over 1,100 customers throughout North America use Touchtown to unify and simplify the way they engage their customers and members. The company offers powerful web-based content management software, and technology to easily deliver that content on television channels, digital signs, print, websites and social media. Touchtown brings communities together, improving customer satisfaction while driving down operating costs.

About Reelizations Media
Reelizations Media ( provides highly effective videos for treatment of substance abuse issues, including relapse prevention, anger management and job readiness. Together with printed curricula, programs such as "Beat the Street: Clean and Sober in the City" and "Getting Out of the Game: Avoiding the Trap of Drug Dealing" are used and appreciated nationwide for giving offenders the tools they need to succeed.

About VideoLab MultiMedia
Founded by photographers in 1977, VideoLab MultiMedia ( transfers and archives old video, audio, photo and film analog formats to digital media. The company specializes in short-run DVD/CD disc duplication and digital photo lab services, and also provides photographic and video production services for broadcast and publication.

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