If You Lost Everything Today, Could You Remember All that You Owned?

MyDocuSafe.comâ„¢ is a revolutionary, practical, low-cost service for storing your important photos and documents in an online security vault. You can access your account at any time from any computer to upload or modify.

Orlando, FL, March 30, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The hurricane season looms over Florida, tornadoes threaten Middle America, and earthquakes are a perennial danger in California. As people rush to secure their valuables, MyDocuSafe.com™ offers the innovative, practical service of storing photographs and documentation that are important for insurance and personal purposes in a secure online location.

“Often, even after the big tragedy has hit in the form of a natural disaster, people suffer a number of little tragedies because they just aren’t able to claim insurance compensation,” says Stephen O’Connor, Founder and President of MyDocuSafe.com™. “Photographs and documentation are often destroyed by hurricanes, and the victims have nothing to support their claims."

MyDocuSafe.com™ eliminates these unnecessary hurdles by keeping pictures and documentation in an online security vault at https://www.MyDocuSafe.com A member can access MyDocuSafe.com™ at any time to upload or modify storage selections, through an easy-to-use interface.

MyDocuSafe.com™ offers three levels of membership. With the Silver level, at $19.95 per year, a member can upload and modify up to 200 pictures, with declarations and detailed descriptions attached to every picture. The Gold Membership, at $34.95 per year, allows you to upload and modify up to 500 pictures or documents and the Platinum Membership at $99.95 per year is “UNLIMITED” picture and document upload. All Memberships offer you a large file size up to 6mb per picture and document and our Twin-View® Technology allows your Insurance Company to view your information with your permission thus speeding up your claim by 75%. All memberships come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

“That your valuables could be gone at any time, almost literally overnight, is often difficult to contemplate, but it happens all the time,” says O’Connor. “Florida’s hurricanes in 2004 were the best proof of that. The key to surviving such a disaster is to be prepared ahead of time, and MyDocuSafe.com™ offers exactly that to our members.”

According to Your Insurance Policy, You Must Provide Proof Of Ownership and The Original Condition Prior To Loss To Fulfill Your Claim. This service was created to help you be properly prepared in the event of a disaster by being able to locate your Important Pictures and Documents within moments. MyDocuSafe.com™ is a revolutionary, practical, low-cost service for storing your important photos and documents in an online security vault. You can store pictures of your children, grandchildren and so much more. If you have children, it is perfect in case of any emergency as local authorities can use view your child’s picture and information instantly.

About MyDocuSafe.com™:
Established in the wake of the Florida hurricanes in 2004, MyDocuSafe.com™ was born out of the need to keep documentation and pictures safe for insurance and personal purposes. Using a secure online storage system, MyDocuSafe.com™ keeps home and business inventories, photographs and other vital documents safe in what is essentially an online vault. For more information, please visit https://www.MyDocuSafe.com

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