A CitiMortage Short Sale in Las Vegas Was Closed by Las Vegas Short Sale Specialists, The Ballen Group

Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas Team, The Ballen Group, who are known Las Vegas Short sale Agents in Nevada successfully save another Nevada Homeowners from Foreclosure by closing a CitiMortage Short Sale with 2 Loans.

Las Vegas, NV, August 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Ballen Group, A Las Vegas Short Sale agent team at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas on Durango at Desert Inn, have just closed another Short Sale in Nevada saving this homeowner from Nevada Foreclosure. The Ballen Group uses a comprehensive Short Sale System that enables them to handle a large volume of short sales and accomplish the goal at hand, to close the short sale in Nevada.

The property, located on BASECAMP in Mountains Edge of Las Vegas Nevada was listed with The Ballen Group of Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas. The BASE CAMP home which took a total of 175 days from the original listing date to the recording it closed date. The first buyer backed out of the transaction at the last minute and a second offer was negotiated. The second offer only took 10 days to receive, get approved, and closed. The full price offer of $198,000 (about ½ its original purchase price) was paid in Cash. Both loans on this short sale were with Citi mortgage and there was no right to pursue deficiency language in the approval letter. The seller did not have to pay anything at closing to settle the loans.

Although the banks are working on their timelines and speeding up the short sale process, "We are finally seeing the day that banks understand it is more beneficial to everyone involved to actually encourage the short sale," says Richard Ballen, Listing Specialist with The Ballen Group. "A short sale is a complicated process for all parties involved. There are so many details involved (more than what the average homeowner is aware of). We need sellers to cooperate as much as possible and remain patient and support. Short Sales can close if everyone works together like they did in this transaction,” Richard closes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aqDS8QrWq8

“It takes more than an agent to properly work short sales. It takes a Team,” says Lori Ballen, Mega Agent and Leader of The Ballen Group. “We have surrounded ourselves with talent from our administrative staff and Listing Managers to our processors and escrow. We want a lot of eyes on the transaction so it keeps moving down the timeline. Our short sale team is skilled, experienced, determined, and driven. We have learned what it takes to move these short sales through the pipe line and tape, and we are getting them done.”

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