Students Try Their Luck at Village Deli’s Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament

Village Deli and Catering held a St. Patrick’s Day event so local students could celebrate the holiday in a safe, alcohol and drug free environment.

West Windsor, NJ, March 31, 2007 --( St. Patty’s Day weekend has become almost synonymous with green beer and Irish bars. Sadly, this means that teens rarely have the opportunity to participate in festivities targeted specifically for them. Scott and Vinny, the owners of Village Deli and Catering located on Clarksville Road, decided it was time for a change. Being parents themselves, they wanted to host a St. Patrick’s Day event where students could hang out with their friends and parents could relax knowing that their teen was in good hands. “These are some of the most responsible and well-behaved teens we know. They’re loyal patrons and we have fun with them. We wanted to do something especially for them.”

On Thursday, March 15th, students gathered at the deli for a “Luck of the Irish” Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament. Though players traditionally bet with money, Village Deli held a non-gambling version of the game where students bet with chips and no money was exchanged. During the tournament players feasted on an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring a tasty selection of buffalo wings, baked ziti, bagel pizzas, salad, and scrumptious desserts.

After only eight players were left in the tournament, the Championship table was assembled and the final rounds of poker began. Ryan Lupo secured the third place spot and Eric Martin snagged second place. The champion of the night was Timothy Zhang, who dazzled the competition with his triumphant first place finish. Martin and Zhang were awarded trophies and all three winners will get free entry into the next Teen Night event. Zhang will also be honored with his name and picture emblazoned on a plaque that will hang inside the deli.

Most of the other players who did not make it into the top 3 still walked away with small prizes. At 10 minute intervals when the blinds were raised, players who won special hands were able to draw prizes out of a hat. Free Belly Busters, free drinks, free lunches, and free candy were just some of the rewards offered by Village Deli.

So, after the success of their first event, is there more to come? “We had a blast tonight and I think the teens really enjoyed themselves. We look forward to hosting more events in the near future.” Village Deli plans to partner with West Windsor Township and other local businesses to sponsor future events. For more information about events, sign-up, or sponsorships, please contact Adam Nichols at

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Jenna Smith