Mandu Releases Traces Plus, an iPad App That Helps Toddlers to Correctly Trace the Alphabet and Numbers with English and Spanish Pronunciation

Mandu has been collaborating with preschool teaching experts to develop the right tool that helps young children to get acquainted with correct writing skills while at the same time stimulates children’s sense of alphabet recognition and multilingual skills thanks to Mandu who enabled the pronunciation on the App for both English and Spanish languages.

Austin, TX, August 11, 2011 --( Parents have learned that the most important factor that affects a child’s life is learning at an early stage due to the development skills toddlers can acquire during their early years.

This App is specially developed for kids to enjoy themselves wile learning through a very simple and friendly environment.

"Traces Plus is an exciting app that will provide new types of useful tools for Children," said Mandusoft’s project leader Francho L. "Collaborating with more than 7 experts on children education on research aimed at creating new tools for kids’ learning has been an exciting and fruitful experience, which we will continue for many more years."

Some of the key points that this new App scores in terms of preschoolers’ benefits are:

- Letter Recognition
- Correct Letter Tracing
- Multilingual Pronunciation Skills
- Multilingual Sense Development
- Correct Calligraphy Tracing
- Skill Improvement Stimulation
- Encourage Future Learning

Mandu is currently working on the development of 3 more Apps to continue with their mission on helping little kids to stimulate this important abilities at an early stage of their lives in which parents will be able to see the benefits on a short-medium term.

Angel Cisneros