Millennial Net, Inc. Releases 1000-Node MeshScape GO Wireless Sensor Network Deployment Kit

Chelmsford, MA, August 11, 2011 --( Millennial Net, Inc. today released its 1000-node MeshScape GO Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Deployment kit. The kit enables developers to easily set up and evaluate an extremely large bi-directional communication network for monitoring and control applications. All devices form one solid network and communicate to a single gateway without additional subnets or network controllers. The large scale MeshScape GO kit includes all mesh nodes wireless thermostats for users to assess not only network scalability and responsiveness for monitoring solutions, but also sending commands and receiving updates for control applications.

The large scale MeshScape GO kits are in stock and available for purchase immediately by contacting Millennial Net. Ready for deployment out-of-the-box, users will be able to choose the number of devices to create the network that supports their individual needs. The large scale MeshScape GO kit is available in standard 200-node, 500-node, and 1000-node packages. Kits with more than 1000 nodes are also available upon request. The kit contains pre-integrated hardware and software modules which will allow developers to set up their networks immediately, and begin evaluating MeshScape WSN technology benefits without any additional network programming or hardware configuration.

Millennial Net’s MeshScape GO WSN technology supporting extremely large networks has been available for years and now it is accessible for right out-of-the-box scalability and network response evaluations. MeshScape system has already been extensively deployed in large-scale, industrial and commercial-class wireless networks, demonstrating best-of-class scalability, power efficiency, robustness, reliability, and dynamic routing performance.

The large scale MeshScape kit devices are embedded with MeshScape GO WSN technology that uses Distributed Decentralized Dynamic (D3R) routing techniques that greatly enhance network scalability, reliability and responsiveness. The kit devices operate on 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 unlicensed radio band and utilizes an embedded Modbus communicating platform to minimize time to market for OEMs and to enable a broad range of applications. All devices are FCC and CE certified and available for operation in most countries worldwide.

The MeshScape GO Deployment Kit includes:
· 1 MeshScape Go wireless Modbus RTU gateway
· 200, 500 or 1000 Wireless Mesh Thermostats
· Embedded MeshScape GO WSN software
· MeshScape Network Monitoring software
· All applicable accessories and power supplies

More information about MeshScape GO Developer Kits is available online at

You can purchase MeshScape GO Developer Kits by contacting Millennial Net directly at +1-978-596-1925 or

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About Millennial Net

Millennial Net is a leading worldwide provider of commercial and industrial wireless network systems and products for the energy management, automation and defense markets that enable users, OEMs and systems integrators to quickly and cost-effectively implement wireless monitoring and control applications. The company’s core MeshScape technology is the only wireless sensor network solution available today that supports the unique requirements of both large and small-scale deployments and overcomes critical challenges traditionally associated with wireless sensor networks. Millennial Net, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless energy management solutions designed primarily for commercial, public and industrial buildings. The company’s MeshScape Energy Management System consists of a wireless sensor network combined with internet technologies to provide remote monitoring and control of buildings’ heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (“HVAC”) systems – including pneumatic thermostats, lighting and other energy-consuming devices allowing building owners and operators to reduce energy consumption. Millennial Net is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA.


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