Introducing the First Production-Ready, In-Mold-Labeled Tubes for Personal Care and Beauty Products

In-Mold-Labeled tubes from Topline Products feature enhanced graphics for unbeatable on-shelf impact, reduced lead-times through higher efficiency production, and are environmentally friendly.

Wayne, NJ, August 11, 2011 --( Topline Products, a leader in innovative cosmetics packaging and turnkey products, is partnering with Viva Healthcare, specialist manufacturers of injection molded tubes, to market and promote injection-molded tubes with in-mold labeling (IML). They are targeting the personal care and beauty industries with this proprietary technology pioneered by Viva. The new tubes not only have superb shelf impact but are also eco-friendly.

This ground-breaking technology created by Viva is an innovative process combining the decorating and molding of polypropylene tubes into one simple procedure, eliminating any post-mold printing or labeling operations and costs. The process embeds photographic quality artwork into the wall of the tube, with total surface decoration even into the crimp area, for true-to-life, eye-catching graphics. Unlike traditional tube decoration methods which are surface treatments, embedding the artwork produces tubes that are extremely durable and resistant to fading or scuffing. The in-mold-label becomes part of the wall of the tube, providing structural integrity.

"We have invested heavily in the development of automation of this IML system and are now ready to run productions with superior quality than conventional tubes," said Alfred Choi, general manager of Viva Healthcare.

"The gravure printed labels, can be combined with an EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) or an aluminum foil barrier to offer great shelf impact and excellent product protection properties, all at a very competitive cost," added Charles Chang, president of Topline Products LLC.

By the end of 2011, Viva Healthcare will be equipped with a dozen machines in their production plants in China and Canada producing a total of 3.6 million tubes per month at each plant.

In addition to their exceptional visual impact, the new IML tubes are eco-friendly and have a recycling code of 5. IML produces a lighter weight tube compared to traditional tubes (as it uses less resin), fewer CO2 emissions (as the tubes are made from polypropylene material), saves energy in the conversion process, and creates less waste.

Headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, Topline specializes in the manufacture of cosmetics packaging and filling and has a turnover of more than $100 million (71 million Euros). Headquartered in Hong Kong with major operations in Toronto, Viva Healthcare specializes in the manufacture of injection-molded tubes with in-mold labeling and has a turnover of $300 million (213 million Euros).

Topline Products Company
Harry McBrien