beyondAmazing! - a Facebook Portal for Sharing Information About People, Events, Things and Places That Are Beyond Amazing

A Facebook portal for sharing anything that is "Beyond Amazing!" This portal allows users to share experiences with other users. The official launch of beyondAmazing!, is scheduled for September 30, 2011. The concept for beyondAmazing! is based on user interaction and is tied into the business' revenue stream from the design of Facebook pages incorporating the site contents.

Los Angeles, CA, August 12, 2011 --( The Facebook portal 'beyondAmazing!', is for sharing information about people, things, events and places that are 'beyond amazing'. The users of this site can share information about the places, people, things and events that are beyond amazing. The portal appears to be an entry point for a Facebook page design and implementation service.

The portals promotional material stated "The mass media promotes and showcases a lot of information that is downright depressing. Where do people go to learn about events, people, places and things that can uplift the spirit, and learn about something truly amazing? Who or what do the denizens of the internet turn to when they want to hear some good news or learn something interesting and beyond amazing? The correct guess is beyondAmazing!"

Users who visit this portal on Facebook at are able contribute any information that is in their opinion, amazing. This link redirects to the Facebook portal of beyondAmazing!, where there is ample opportunity to 'like' the page and make a contribution to the page content.

The Facebook based portal 'beyondAmazing!' features the following types of information:

1. People - Users can share information about anyone that consistently does things that are just plain simply beyond amazing. The portal allows users to post information about unusual people, add a picture or an article and even add a link to a video from any video share portal.

2. Events - Users who have 'liked' the page can post events that they witnessed that are beyond amazing.

3. Places - Users can also share information about places they have been to, or know of that that are beyond amazing.

4. Things - Users are encouraged to share information about unusual things at this portal.

5. Videos - In the words of one of the founders "If a picture is worth a thousand words (literally, in bytes, a picture carries more data than a thousand words), how many words is a video worth? Hard to say, but probably more like a million words." Users are encouraged to bring video share from external portals.

6. The users imagination. The site admin stated that "The seat of all things beyond amazing is the imagination. Let it roll." This portal encourages the most imaginative, beyond amazing thoughts.

The portal beyondAmazing!, is located at

Aham E. Nwede