GuardTime to Provide Partner Integration with Authentify with Tamper-Evident File Signing Technology to Add High Assurance to Audit and Log Files

Extending e-signatures to strengthen the validity of audit trail data and log files contributes to thwarting insider threat and cybercrimes.

Chicago, IL, August 12, 2011 --( GuardTime (, creator of the patented Keyless Signature technologyprovidingindisputable proof of time, origin, and data integrity for electronic information, today announced that its Keyless Signatures will be adopted by Authentify, the leader in telephone-based, multi-factor authentication services. Authentify will use GuardTime’s Keyless Signatures to electronically sign the data logs thereby developing a provable audit trail derived from their customer’s authentication transactions.

Using GuardTime’s Keyless Signatures ( ) to sign all of the archived log files generated by Authentify’s authentication process provides Authentify customers with undeniable proof of authenticity and integrity of the process and its data. Having audit-ready, independently-verifiable log files solves a variety of compliance issues and a host of potentially business-damaging disputes.

To-date, affixing digital signatures to log files had not been a widely-adopted practice, but GuardTime’s Keyless Signature technology ( proves three things that make it attractive:1) the exact time that the data was signed; 2) proof that the data has not been changed or tampered with since the time it was signed; and 3) who or what entity originally signed the data.

"Now a business can provide a mathematically-provable audit trail for all of its electronic files, documents or data," said Mike Gault, GuardTime CEO. "Fraud by manipulating data or a person’s signature becomes harder to conduct and insider attacks become nearly impossible to hide. An organization’s most valuable digital assets are assured with provable integrity and compliance with Sarbannes Oxley and other regulations becomes automatic."

The announcement follows a string of similar partner integration deals that include such companies as Japan’s Brother Industries, web-hosting provider Joyent, whose customers include Twitter and LinkedIn, and cloud-based data collaboration and storage service Ftopia.

About Authentify:
Authentify, Inc. is the leading provider of global telephone-based, out-of-band authentication services. These multi-factor authentication (MFA) services enable organizations that need strong security to quickly and cost-effectively add 2-factor (2FA) or 3-factor authentication layers to user logon, transaction verifications or critical changes such as adding a payee to an e-pay or wire account. The company's patented technology employs a service oriented message architecture and XML API to seamlessly integrate into existing security processes.

Many of the most familiar names on the Internet, including five of the world's top 10 banks, the Internet's largest e-commerce site, the largest online auction and commerce site, the leading p2P e-payment firm and many others use Authentify. For more information, visit Authentify at:

About GuardTime:
A Red Herring Global 100 Winner and Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award Winner, GuardTime was founded with the goal of solving one of the biggest problems in computing: trust. GuardTime’s Keyless Signatures provide proof of data integrity, signing authority, and time. The verification of the signature can be done offline without the reliance on keys, secrets, or the existence of a trusted third party. GuardTime’s mission is to change the world to one where keyless signatures are ubiquitous and a natural part of the everyday data lifecycle, whether on disk, in transit, or in the cloud.Visit for more information about using Keyless Signatures for signing your data.

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