Frost & Sullivan: Safe Cities – Opportunities for Defence, Security and IT Organizations with Cutting Edge Technology

Making cities safer through the implementation of smart, integrated, time-responsive solutions.

London, United Kingdom, August 13, 2011 --( After the latest riots in London and other UK cities, the case for leveraging new technology to drive Safe Cities is becoming stronger and increasingly relevant. As urbanization and crime rates continue to increase against a general decline in the size of police forces, intelligent and predictive technology will play a more significant role in ensuring our safety. IT, Communications, Defence and Security organizations, all have expertise and capabilities that can support law enforcement and emergency services in optimising their response time.

Security is increasingly becoming part of our day-to-day life. Being at home, on the street or at work, “security” will be present in each and every task we take as individuals in a society. More than its presence, security is becoming increasingly critical to the functionality of our daily routine: driving in traffic, entering office building, shopping online and checking e-mails. In this context, cities themselves, industry sectors and the advancement of technology are the three big drivers pushing forward the idea of “safer cities.”

Bruno Mucciolo, Frost & Sullivan Senior Consultant for Aerospace, Defence & Security, notes: “The key objective of a Safe City initiative is to enhance the population well-being and create a better urban environment where security and safety solutions will be used to detect, act and manage potential threats. This is the social intent.”

The technological intent refers to the type of security and safety solutions that will enable city operators to promote well-being in an ever-changing urban environment. City authorities are under enormous pressure to cope with the common expected security threats but also unexpected ones, including terrorism, floods, earthquakes and other environmental issues. Mega Cities in particular are learning from this much quicker, since a small disruption in any of the city’s infrastructure potentially affects millions of people and generates financial loss.

The ability to integrate solutions across large urban areas, using software, satellites, wireless and other upstream technologies, is the critical enabler towards a Safe City. Technology should meet the following criteria: aptitude to be integrated into a larger solution, reliability, centrally or remotely controlled and scalable.

Integration and interoperability are fundamental in this process. From CCTVs to crisis management centres, technology will act as a key enabler for law enforcement, emergency services and local decision-makers to optimise their response to the expected and unexpected events today and tomorrow. Defence and Security companies are well positioned to tackle this challenge by adapting existing solutions as well as exploiting alternative concepts.

Collaboration and partnership are critical to making sure that the technology strategy evolves effectively to cope with future challenges. “However, most Defence & Security market players will have to deal with a whole new competitive environment and partner with companies from different industry sectors like energy or building technologies,” adds Bruno Mucciolo.

Working alongside new partners may open doors for leading players to enter new market segments where synergies exist. An example is the role many Defence and Security organizations now have in traffic management and safety initiatives. “The Defence and Security industry should consider new business models, alliances and alternative ways of approaching end-users in the entirely new environment,” summarizes Bruno Mucciolo.

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