Another Forward Thinking Auto Group Dares to be Different. Patrick Cars Engages One of the Country’s Leading Internet Marketing Firms in Order to Crush the Competition.

Innovative thinkers, the Dawson family hires Single Throw Internet Marketing to bring something new and different to the Patrick Dealer Group websites.

Wall, NJ, August 13, 2011 --( In 1904, Hanley Dawson, then just 25 years old, approached Henry Ford at the Ford factory and suggested selling Ford cars on consignment. Ford agreed and, in 1907, Hanley Dawson was awarded the Midwest’s first new Ford franchise. Now, in 2011, Hanley Dawson’s great grandson is still selling cars. Ready to continue his family’s legacy, Dawson is giving his dealerships a new face on the Internet. The Patrick Auto Group, innovative thinkers themselves, chose Single ThrowSM, the only marketing company currently working to change the way car dealers market on the Internet, to revamp their car dealer websites.

The Internet Marketing Consultants at Single Throw will be developing the Patrick Auto Group website, as well as creating one of a kind custom websites for all of the Patrick dealerships in Chicago (BMW, Cadillac, Fisker, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Saab). Every website will be created from the ground up with unique designs, custom search engine optimized content, and the exclusive Dealer Content Management System, available only to Single Throw clients. Each Patrick Auto Group website will be outfitted with cutting edge social media car buyer conversion tools, another Single Throw exclusive and an automotive industry first. These conversion tools will integrate real-time Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter results right into the inventory pages in order to increase conversions and lead flow.

Unique to Patrick Auto Group, Single Throw will be designing a luxury car outlet site. The site will be a veritable warehouse of hard-to-find luxury cars. Looking for a specific BMW from any given year? You’ll be able to find it there.

Just as Hanley Dawson IV’s great grandfather rethought car buying back in 1904, the Patrick Auto Group is streamlining the process now. Each individual dealer website will have their used inventory posted on their personal site, as well as to the auto group main page. By combining the used inventories at each of their dealerships into one database, Patrick Auto Group is taking things to the next step—easing the buying process for all of their customers. This way, a potential car buyer can easily access all of the available used cars by visiting just one website.

Brent Rogers, Internet and Marketing Director at the Patrick Dealer Group, says, “Single Throw provides an exceptional balance of industry expertise and a straightforward, personal approach that is more than impressive. These days, it’s not often that you have the opportunity to meet and discuss products and ideas with company management, let alone the company’s CEO. Single Throw makes these working relationships a priority and that is something that we value greatly. Our questions and concerns are always addressed promptly with both enthusiasm and honesty. This is a welcomed difference between Single Throw and most other vendors.”

Larry Bailin, CEO of Single Throw and author of the best-selling book, Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From?, says, "When I travel to the Midwest, I'm always surprised by how genuinely nice people are (after all, I'm from New Jersey). Patrick Dealer Group is no exception. I remember thinking at my first meeting how friendly, courteous, and professional these guys were; how I was really looking forward to working with them. Well, I’m also really looking forward to helping Patrick Dealer Group dominate in the Chicago area. Single Throw has a unique policy: we do not take on our clients’ competitors. So if you’re a competitor to any of the Patrick Group dealerships, look out—they just hired some guys from Jersey."

All of the Patrick Auto Group dealership websites are expected to launch in August.

About the Patrick Dealer Auto Group
The Patrick Auto Group, under its current name, has been in existence since 1977. A respected name in the Chicago area, they have Cadillac, Saab, Volvo, BMW, Mini, Hyundai, Jaguar, Fisker, and Land Rover dealerships. A family owned company; they began selling cars for Henry Ford in the early 1900s. The Patrick Auto Group has consistently received various automotive awards including BMW’s Most Distinguished Dealer award, Dealer of the Year and Outstanding Achievement awards, and Cadillac’s Master Dealer honors.

About Single Throw Internet Marketing
Single Throw has developed Internet marketing strategies that have achieved outstanding results in the areas of increased web presence and online sales for numerous companies and organizations, including DCH Auto Group, Ray Catena Motors, Brad Benson Auto Group, Harley-Davidson, Holman Infiniti, Patrick Auto Group, Endust, Sara Lee, Laughing Cow, and more.

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