Nixle Launches Its Next-Generation Messaging Product, “Nixle Connect”

Over 4,600 Government Agencies and 600,000 Citizens Now Using Nixle

San Francisco, CA, August 13, 2011 --( Nixle, LLC, a company that enables government agencies to communicate directly with their constituencies in a highly secure manner, today announced the latest incarnation of its award winning, public communication technology that includes powerful new features and unlimited usage in a free product for the public safety and law enforcement communities. Called “Nixle Connect,” the product features compelling new technology in areas including message creation and targeting, security, and citizen registration.

Included are features such as:

· unlimited use of high-performance SMS and e-mail platforms
· two-factor authentication
· unlimited public group creation for managing distribution lists

Additional enhancements include:
· hierarchical group communications
· customizable HTML e-mail templates
· embeddable public registration widgets for use on agency websites
· mobile keywords for citizen registrations

Nixle’s free services allow governmental agencies to communicate with registered members of the public via text, e-mail, and/or internet posts. Communications can range from emergency-oriented alerts to routine day-to-day (traffic and missing persons reports, safety tips, news about various agencies, etc.) information.

“This is a very exciting time for Nixle as well as our government customers and citizen subscribers,” stated Eric Liu, Nixle CEO. “Our new Nixle Connect feature set offers so many advantages that our competitors do not. Our user numbers are up across the board, surpassing several key milestones, and our projections point to near-100% law enforcement penetration in the near future. We are extremely excited about what we have accomplished and where we are headed.”

Liu added that now more than 4,600 government agencies have adopted Nixle for their means of real-time communications with constituents, and over 600,000 citizens have signed up to take advantage of the services. Liu further backed up his comments by providing year-to-year usage through July 2011. They show that agencies created a total of:

· over 17-million SMS text messages were sent during the 12-month period for an average of 1.4 million SMSs a month
· over 43.8-million e-mails were sent by government agency users, over 3.6 million a month
· 72,782 Nixle site messages or 6,065 per month.

Supporting his statement regarding the target of 100% law enforcement agency adoption, Liu pointed out that Nixle is the only messaging service certified by the International Justice and Safety Networks (Nlets). The organization is owned by the 50 states, and links together and supports every federal, state and local law enforcement, and justice and public safety agency for the purpose of sharing and exchanging critical information.

About Nixle
Founded in 2007, Nixle is the leader in trusted notification services for law enforcement and government agencies. More than 4,600 government agencies throughout the United States use Nixle to communicate with citizens via SMS mobile text messaging, email, the Web, and mobile applications. Nixle is strategically partnered with Nlets to offer the only public messaging service on the International Justice and Public Safety network, a system owned by the fifty states and serving every criminal justice agency in the US and Canada. Nixle is a privately held company based in San Francisco, CA.

For more information on Nixle, its products, the new “Nixle Connect” feature set, or how to sign up for Nixle communication services, call toll free 877-NIXLE-NA; e-mail, or visit, or visit Nixle at


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