New eBook Explains How to Become a More Engaging Leader

James McNamara, the Founder of The Impact Factory has released a new leadership eBook titled “7 Ways to be an Engaging Leader.. With employee engagement being one of the toughest challenges facing managers today, this is a very timely release. James has provided leadership training in Brisbane for the past decade and runs a number of leadership training courses in Brisbane.

Brisbane, Australia, August 14, 2011 --( James McNamara from The Impact Factory delivers leadership training in Brisbane. He has just released a new ebook titled “7 Ways to Become a More Engaging Leader.” James delivers leadership courses in Brisbane to managers in both private and public sector organisations. His ebook sets a new challenge for modern leaders to shed the shackles of warn out command and control approaches.

After delivering leadership training in Brisbane for fourteen years James has distilled a handful of key skills that enable leaders to get others to willingly follow them. He has outlined seven important skills for managers to master in order to have willing followers. Briefly these are as follows;

Firstly, lead with purpose. The key leadership principle here is providing a sense of meaning to the work that people do. People need to understand how their organisation, work unit and daily activities make a positive difference.

Secondly leaders need to develop trust. Trust is built upon the trustworthy behaviour of individuals on the team. Trust is further enhanced by the practice of extending trust to others. Low trust levels (or an absence of trust) will severely hamper team communication, cooperation, motivation and ultimately its performance.

Thirdly leaders need to be proactive. This doesn’t just mean being happy at work, it’s about making sure that your whole team has ownership of what they are doing. Proactive people are responsible for their actions and accountable for their results.

Fourthly leaders need to be great listeners. James suggests that listening is the most powerful influence skill of all. He says that “until the other person knows that you have heard, understood and empathise with their position, it is unlikely that they will listen to or be influenced by you.” He goes onto say that many managers fall into the trap of giving advice or providing solutions before they have fully and genuinely understood the other person. This slows progress dramatically.

Fifth, James advises that leaders must deliver authentic messages. An important part of a manager’s role is to speak up to influence the thinking and behaviour of their team members. James advises that “there is a way to do this that gets best results and it is not barking orders!”

The sixth skill that James McNamara suggests for leaders is to know their people. James says that “Each person you lead is different and unique. One of the greatest differentiators between people is their personality.

“Mangers need to master the art of understanding each of their team members personality’s so that he can communicate with each person in their best way.”

Finally James says that leaders need to be enablers. In addition to having different personalities, each team member has different levels of skill and engagement with the organisation. These all require a different leadership style says James. This means that successful managers are able to command more than one leadership style depending on the persona and situation that they are leading.

The most important thing for leaders to achieve is willing followers. It is almost impossible to achieve quality long lasting results with unwilling followers. There are seven specific skills that leaders need to be able to build a team of willing followers. These are all outlined in James McNamara’s new ebook “7 Ways to Become an Engaging Leader” which is based on fourteen years of experience with leadership training in Brisbane. He has had hundreds of managers attend his leadership courses in Brisbane. The eBook is available from

ABbout: James McNamara has been delivering leadership training to managers and business owners for fourteen years. His unique grass roots approach to dealing with the real issues has earned him fabulous feedback and recognition from his participants and colleagues. James works with managers in both the private and public sectors as well as will business owners.

He is an accomplished presenter and group facilitator and has specialist practical knowledge for leaders of how to develop a team of willing followers.

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