Culinary Kiosk Releases Line of Organic Specialty Foods

Owners turn their love of organic farming into an online store for healthy, organic food and culinary essentials.

Pine City, NY, August 15, 2011 --( “Specialty foods” like organic sauces and baking mixes have been added to a host of other products at The online organic specialty food store already carries a large assortment of culinary herbs, spices, coffee, tea, garlic, and kitchen essentials. The new selection of specialty foods is the latest addition to the site and is expected to be the biggest step for the company to date.

Business owners Steve Kettelle and Michael Terwilliger have maintained their 80-acre organic farm for over 8 years, selling products at Upstate New York farmers markets. Their passion for farming and healthy living turned into an online store in 2011, allowing them to produce a wider variety of organic goods and reach a greater audience. An even longer-term plan includes the addition of physical stores in the region.

“We grow many of the products available on our website,” said Kettelle. “Others are sourced both locally and nationally through our farm partners - other responsible Organic Growers here in the country. We have one of the largest selections of Certified Organic culinary items available to the online consumer. Our customers enjoy the one-stop-shop nature of our site.”

Among several features at, Terwilliger maintains a blog. Visitors and subscribers can read posts dedicated to healthy recipes, updates from the organic farm, news on crop growth and harvest seasons, and regulation updates.

“Through our company, we plan to celebrate the love of cooking in its many forms,” said Terwilliger. “We have an interesting story to tell.”

For more information about Culinary Kiosk Organic Specialty Foods, including products and selection, visit Media inquiries and additional questions may be sent to Steve Kettelle, Michael Terwilliger, or Sean Lukasik. Please see contact information below.

Steve Kettelle; Owner, Culinary Kiosk / 607-259-2029

Michael Terwilliger; Owner, Culinary Kiosk / 607-733-0303

Sean Lukasik; Inbound Marketing Consultant, CreAgent Marketing / 716-982-3926

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