Athletic Revolution Hilliard Announces Back-to-School Special

Athletic Revolution Hilliard announces a back-to-school special for its upcoming Phase Eight. This offer is extended to all kids, ages 6 to 18, for one month of Athletic Revolution training absolutely free.

Columbus, OH, August 14, 2011 --( The Athletic Revolution youth fitness program introduces kids to a healthy fitness lifestyle in a safe, fun, non-intimidating format.

"We have always been committed to offering quality programs and services to our community, so offering this much needed program was a no-brainer,” says Jason Yun, of Yun Fitness Bootcamps and Athletic Revolution Hilliard. “It's sad to see how many unhealthy kids there are out there. The vast majority of kids today have sedentary lifestyles even if they are participating in sports activities. Our programs are designed with safety and fun in mind."

Help your child unlock the potential within. For schedules, pricing, and more information on Athletic Revolution Hilliard, visit

Jason Yun is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sports Nutritionist. He owns Yun Strength and Fitness Systems, LLC, and runs Yun Fitness Boot Camps in Columbus, Ohio.

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Jason Yun