Gianduja Chocolate: New Ecuadorian Chocolate Education Tours Offered for Chocophiles

Chocolatier and Owner of Gianduja Chocolates Jeffrey Stern offers first-class Ecuadorian tours through Ecuador’s cacao country, home of some of the world’s best dark chocolate.

Quito, Ecuador, August 15, 2011 --( Chocolate lovers increasingly want traceability, authenticity, and the real story behind their chocolate. Now, Jeffrey Stern, a native of Solana Beach, California, turned chef and chocolatier, is delivering. His company, Gianduja Chocolate, now offers custom-tailored chocolate tours throughout Ecuador.

Chocolate education tours include a variety of activities designed specifically around client interests. Do a tasting of various Ecuadorian dark chocolates at the Gianduja workshop, take a brief class on truffle making and dipping, or a more extensive course on molding, ganache preparations, enrobing and the use of colored cocoa butters for chocolate design and decoration. Visit cacao plantations in the heart of Ecuador’s cacao country, the Los Rios province, or head to the Amazon to see the Kallari cooperative. Visit the community-based operation of Salinerito in the town of Guaranda, or a bigger chocolate making plant in Guayaquil. Whatever your interest, be it dark chocolate, bean-to-bar production, or cacao fermentation and post-harvest operations, a custom tour can be designed around your interests and time frame.

He began his venture five years ago in Quito, Ecuador’s capital. Mr. Stern graduated with honors from L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, Maryland and worked in the food industry for several years before leaving a comfortable lifestyle in Washington, DC. With his family, he moved to Ecuador five years ago to open their chocolate business, Gianduja Chocolate, Having developed an extensive network in the cacao and chocolate industry in Ecuador, Mr. Stern now also helps chocolatiers and chocophiles learn the ins and outs of the cacao trade and chocolate making in Ecuador-the world’s largest producer of fine aroma cacao.

Now a leading chocolate maker in Ecuador and an authority on dark chocolate and Ecuadorian cacao, he is committed to providing consumers and chocolate lovers inside information about the chocolate and cacao industry, from farm to bar and beyond.

A recent client said, “You handled our journey to the Land of Cacao meticulously, enthusiastically, and thoughtfully. We thank you so much for making our experience productive and invaluable to our goal of learning about the chocolate industry from farm to bar. Your extensive knowledge and connections in Ecuador coupled with your vast expertise in the chocolate industry provided the information and contacts we were seeking. Your generosity with information and your inherent kindness has laid the foundation for a lasting relationship.”

For interested parties, please contact Jeffrey Stern through the website at, at jgstern(at)mac(dot)com, visit Gianduja Chocolate in Quito at Av. 10 de Agosto N39-115 y Diguja, Quito, Ecuador or on phone 011-593-9 852-4773 or US phone 703-379-4060.

Jeffrey G. Stern
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