Envibum’s Refreshing New Look on Cloth Diapers

Envibum.com has a refreshing new look and is expanding their product line. With a "berry sweet" new site and delightful new products, envibum is raising the bar in the industry.

Mesa, AZ, August 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Cloth diapering has certainly seen a new revival in recent years with the public’s new awareness for greener living and the increasing health risks associated with disposable diapers, however, one company has set a new standard in the cloth diapering industry. Envibum started in early 2009 and founder Rachel Sibel has seen skyrocketing growth since its inception growing from a small at home business started on $70 to a world wide supplier in the industry. This relatively new company has always set themselves apart from the crowd with their philanthropic mindset and a heart for people. Superior quality has always been on the forefront of their business plan.

Their new bubblegum-esque site at www.envibum.com is designed to make clients happy. While browsing the site the diapers begin to resemble fruits giving the feel of a virtual berry sweet boutique tying their environmental and baby themes together. Recently branching out with one-of-a-kind custom made diaper bags, and new sections for moms, envibum’s growth is clearly evident.

Never sacrificing human rights for a cheaper product, Envibum has set a higher standard for cloth diapers with their easy to use original, patent-pending, all-in-one design that self-adjusts to fit babies 8-40 lbs. Envibums are made to last and made entirely in the United States with premium minkee fabric outer, unbleached 100% cotton inside, and sturdy construction. Set at very affordable price points, you only have to do the math to realize how much green you are really saving by choosing Envibum.

So, how much of a pain is it to wash dirty diapers? Envibum, unlike other cloth diapering companies highly discourages soaking diapers. Buckets of liquid alone can be dangerous to children, let alone when it involves human waste; it’s refreshing that a cloth diapering company realizes this too. The unbleached cotton waffle fabric used in the interior construction is not only superior in pulling moisture away from your baby but also resists buildup and staining.

Outside of their original design, one of the most extraordinary features of Envibum is their giving back philosophy. $2 of every all-in-one cloth diaper sold goes to various charities such as the Salvation Army, Food For The Hungry, Living Water and many more. To learn more about Envibum giving back visit their giving back page at envibum.com/about/giving-back. Envibum since it's humble beginnings has donated thousands worth of monetary contributions contributions to various charities as well as thousands in product to date.

Rachel Sibel