Worcester.MD Announces Latest Research Data Showing the Internet as Primary Source to Find Local Businesses, Including Healthcare

While we used to grab the phone book to find a Doctor, newest studies show the Internet is where we let our fingers do the walking.

Worcester, MA, August 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Not so long ago, the Internet was primarily the global marketplace-the place to go to find information, or purchase goods and services from companies that were anywhere in the world. But not anymore.

According to a recent study by Comscore, 40% of all searches on the Internet are local in nature.

The general public are now using their computers as the primary means of locating and contacting local businesses for products and services rather than the local Yellow Pages.

Think about it. Computers with Internet access are now a common appliance in people’s kitchens, not to mention wireless home networks that allow for use of your laptop throughout the house. Now, instead of picking up a phone book and searching through the yellow pages, we use our computers as the primary means of searching for local goods or services.

Add to this the rapidly increasing number of Iphone/SmartPhone and Ipad/Tablet users, and it is clear that the value of Local Search will continue to climb.

What does this mean for you? Clients are researching your practice and other doctors too. If you aren’t taking steps to be found in local searches related to the services your practice provides, then you're missing out on potential new patients. You’re also potentially losing patients who may have tried to find you, but couldn’t because they searched by specialty within your local area, instead of your name.

To improve your chances of being “found” when patients are doing a search?

1. Be Visible-Do you have an online presence? Are there places patients can easily find to learn more about you, your practice, education, affiliations, honors you've received, etc?

2. Be Accessible-Are your online listings up to date? Do they include any social media outlets that you participate on---Facebook, YouTube, Blogs?

3. Be Recommended-Are there surveys and rating services that accurately reflect the level of service a patient can expect from you and your practice?

4. Be The Expert-Do you have articles about your Specialty you'd like to be found more often? Are you a featured Expert in your field on the Internet, Television and other media sources?

In today's highly competitive and rapidly changing healthcare landscape, it is essential that you and your practice are seen in the most positive light that you can honestly convey.

It is vital for healthcare providers to be proactive in establishing the best Internet Strategy-an integral step in presenting a 21st century healthcare practice---Connected, Transparent and Preferred.

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