CoolLime Life Makes Getting a Wellness Coach Affordable

Wellness coaching helps people take charge of their health and create lasting lifestyle changes. A new on-line program called CoolLimeU creates a convenient and affordable option for many women.

Indianapolis, IN, August 17, 2011 --( In its ongoing effort to help women create lasting lifestyle changes, health and wellness coaching company CoolLime Life is introducing a new on-line coaching program that makes getting access to a wellness coaching program accessible and affordable for everyone.

Health and wellness coaching is becoming more mainstream as its results show a positive impact on helping people make difficult health related changes*. Many insurance companies, employers, hospitals and physician groups offer wellness coaching programs to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall health costs. While many of these programs are often very helpful, there is a flaw with this corporate approach. These programs are primarily “disease state” focused rather than patient goal focused. If people aren’t ready, motivated or have decided what they want their health and wellness to be, they may start to make some changes, but these changes are often not sustained. This results in lapses and decreased confidence they will ever be able to “stay healthy.”

According to CoolLime Life co-founder and Certified Wellcoach® Michelle Meredith-Bowen, “Our approach with CoolLimeU is focused on helping the client decide what they want for their overall health and wellness and learning HOW to take small steps toward transforming their lifestyle which will have a significant positive impact on their health and will create the lasting change they have been looking for.”

The new online coaching program called CoolLime U will teach women How to make the difficult but necessary changes needed to improve their health, wellness and lower their current and future healthcare costs. This program uses proven behavioral psychology principles to help women Find and start Living a healthier, happier life by first teaching them how to UNLEASH their full health potential. CoolLimeU was developed by an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Wellcoach®.

Most one-on-one coaching programs start at over $500. For about the cost of 6 month gym membership $199, women can have access to their very own wellness coach and coaching program.

The 90-day CoolLimeU program: (

· Includes 7 lessons which include videos, worksheets and content focused on developing the 5 fundamentals of health and wellness: Keep a Positive Mindset, Maintain Ideal Weight, Get Regular Physical Activity, Maintain Proper Nutrition, Get Support.
· Is delivered entirely on-line and is available 24/7 making it very convenient since time is everyone’s most precious commodity.
· Teaches the concepts of creating a vision for health and wellness and the process of goal setting and goal review to achieve sustainable health behavior change.
· Focuses on the importance of support in creating sustainable change. Program attendees have access to the CoolLime Community where they can share with other attendees and have access to a certified wellness coach.

Recent studies further reinforce the need to have many options like wellness coaching available to help people learn how to create sustainable lifestyle changes. According to the 2010 Research Report** by the George Washington University School of Public Health and Services Department of Health Policy "A Heavy Burden: The Individual Costs of Being Overweight and Obese in the United States," women’s health is in significant decline and healthcare costs are skyrocketing primarily from the increased obesity rate:

· By 2030 50% of the population will be obese (> 30 BMI)
· Overall annual costs for being overweight for women: $524
· Overall annual cost (including value of lost life) for being obese for women: $8, 365

“Taking the first step to improved health and wellness is often the hardest! Many women first need to build their confidence…confidence that they can make the changes. That’s one of the many benefits of our approach. We help women see that that they are not alone, that other women have and will be facing similar challenges. If these other women made it happen, so can they!” Meredith-Bowen commented.

More information about the benefits of the program and CoolLime Life can be found at and Information on the benefits of wellness coaching can be found here:;

About CoolLime Life:

CoolLime Life is a health and wellness coaching company founded in 2010 by Michelle Meredith-Bowen and Marci Powell. After having spent over 17 years in healthcare sales and management, Michelle and Marci witnessed the serious decline in the health of many Americans, especially women they wanted to make a difference. Their mission is to help women learn how to create real and lasting change in their health and happiness.

The company offers online and one-on-one coaching services and other training products committed to helping women unleash their full potential to reach the level of health and wellness they want. Products include: a free daily newsletter; CoolLimeU self directed coaching program; CoolLime Coach one-on-one wellness coaching services. All products and services are provided to customers through on-line access or via phone (one-on-one coaching).

Company slogan: “At CoolLimeLife we focus on Real health for Real life...your real life! The best health products and programs in the world are worthless if they don't fit into your life. At CoolLime Life you choose what you want for your life and how to get there… we just teach you the process!

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