GlobalSoftLink LLC Releases v2.0 of Binfer – Send/Transfer Large Files of Any Size & Any Quantity

GlobalSoftLink LLC announced the release of version 2.0 of Binfer, a software application that allows people to send and receive large files of any size and any quantity directly from their computers, without uploading them on any hosting server. Now, along with direct computer to computer transfers, files can also be sent and received with browsers from any web enabled device, such as iPad, iPhone, Android & tablets.

Des Plaines, IL, August 17, 2011 --( GlobalSoftLink LLC, a pioneer in desktop to desktop file transfers, takes Binfer ( to the next level, with the introduction of web features and major enhancements. Binfer lets people send and receive large files of any size and any quantity over the internet, without requiring them to upload it on any intermediate server.

“Binfer is the only tool in the world that can provide people with full capabilities of a managed file transfer solution with least amount of effort, highest level of safety and lowest cost,” said Imran Ahmed, the CEO & co-founder of GlobalSoftLink. “Short of physically inspecting a hosting provider and examining their security measures, uploading files to some unknown server is neither private nor secure. In developing Binfer, our goals were quite straightforward: develop a secure and reliable file transfer solution that will be easy to use, have a zero percent chance that documents could be compromised, and have capability to send files of any size and quantity. With release of version 2, we have finally met our goals.”

Sending large files with Binfer is same as composing an email message, except that 100’s of files of any size can be dragged and dropped in the file attachments section. The files never leave the sender's computer and are transferred, on demand, only when the recipient is ready to get them. Since the files are shared from the sender's computer, there is no 2GB size limit or one file at a time limit like other online file transfer services and the sender has full control over the files. See

Binfer also makes it extremely easy to receive files from clients/customers. With few clicks a Web Drop [drop box] can be created and clients/customers can send large files using a standard web browser. The files arrive directly to the computer where Binfer is running. What would have cost thousands and taken days (to do the same with FTP server/clients,) is now accomplished in minutes and for free.

Finally, with advanced reporting, 128bit AES encryption, auto resumes, auto firewall configuration and web integration, Binfer is a reliable, easy and practical way to transfer large files without dealing with the hassles of cumbersome uploads, complex FTP deployments and email attachment limits.

Binfer desktop application software continues to remain free. Receiving files also continues to remain free. Senders or Web Drop users need to pay only for data transfers. The 30 days trial period includes 200 MB of free sends or Web Drops. Variety of promotions will be available to allow people to earn free sends.

With dozens of upload based methods of file sharing services offering the same thing, Binfer distinguishes itself as a time saving, efficient, secure and innovative solution for sending and receiving large files directly from person to person.

GlobalSoftLink LLC
Kate Miykova