MedBank Proudly Announces Changes to Its Savannah Program

MedBank Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps chronically ill, un- and underinsured residents obtain free medications from pharmaceutical companies, proudly announces recent improvements to its Savannah program.

Savannah, GA, August 17, 2011 --( MedBank Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps chronically ill, un- and underinsured residents obtain free medications, proudly announces recent improvements to its Savannah program.

MedBank, which helps eligible patients access large pharmaceutical company Patient Assistance Programs, accepts referrals from physicians, hospitals and social service agencies. In addition to its main office in Savannah’s Medical Arts center, MedBank also operates clinics in Effingham, Liberty, Long and MacIntosh Counties, GA, all within a budget under $200,000.

MedBank accepts patients without private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, “but we can help those who fall into Medicare’s donut hole,” says MedBank Executive Director Liz Longshore. She adds that other patients may qualify for hardship conditions, and MedBank can also negotiate with pharmaceutical companies on their behalf. Currently, MedBank works with 7,000 patients, but there is still “room for growth,” according to Longshore.

In order to improve efficiency at its Medical Arts center, MedBank has made several changes to its systems. First, volunteer duties have shifted in several ways, making it easier for these devoted folks to help MedBank’s clients. Updated volunteer duties include anything from checking voicemail and completing phone renewals to working within the database to input medications that have arrived.

Second, patients now receive medications in as little as 10 days, down from 4-6 weeks a year ago--a major improvement. Medical Arts center hours have also expanded, welcoming patients on Tuesdays from 10am to 4pm, and Wednesdays from 1 to 4pm, with a dedicated staff to handle patients' needs; additional hours, including some evenings, are available by appointment.

MedBank has also implemented an “MD route” in the Medical Arts area, in which MedBank staff and volunteers deliver patients’ forms to physicians in person. Put in place this past spring, this new program has already resulted in faster response times for patients and helps all stakeholders become more aware of the careful distribution of donation dollars. As Longshore explains, “this puts a face to a name, building strong relationships between MedBank staff and volunteers and our partner physicians. It’s a win/win for everybody!”

These relationships are crucial, as most of MedBank’s patients come from private physicians. “Some even become volunteers!” adds Longshore. Additional patients come to MedBank after being discharged from local emergency rooms. Recently, MedBank’s board of directors met with Memorial Hospital staffers to improve this flow: specifically, how to work with case managers and understand patients’ schedules and needs better. “This was a great success,” says Longshore, “and we anticipate a similar meeting with St. Joseph’s Candler in the near future.”

For more information, please contact Executive Director Liz Longshore at (912) 373-6369 or; or visit their website at or their Facebook page at

Contact: Executive Director Liz Longshore, (912) 373-6369;;

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Liz Longshore, Executive Director