Free Virtual Learning Website Launched by Conference Call University; Providers Can Easily Showcase Their Presentations to Thousands

Conference Call University announces its new virtual learning website ( with more than 75 topics and a variety of e-learning technologies available.

New York, NY, August 18, 2011 --( Conference Call University announces its new virtual learning website ( with more than 75 topics and a variety of e-learning technologies available.

The website is owned by Belinda Lloyd, an entrepreneur who is no stranger to the "curiosity to learn" that lies within us all. Lloyd has a B.Comm degree, a Masters degree in Law, and a Forensic Science Diploma.

Lloyd has three main goals for the site. CCULearning will provide a free place to learn about a variety of subjects for people who love to learn. The site gives virtual learning providers a resource to increase registrations and attendance, with multi-media course and training opportunities. It also enables authors, speakers and experts to showcase their work and/or knowledge.

Lloyd states, "I want to make CCULearning a one stop shop for all types of presentations and courses. Soon people from all over the world will be able to upload their file onto the site and launch the presentation from any laptop. I am working on going mobile too. I want to launch an App that will keep users informed of upcoming courses. It should also allow users to launch a live presentation from their phone (e.g. if you are teaching paragliding)."

The site welcomes virtual learning sessions in various media formats, including:

- teleseminars
- webinars
- podcasts
- video conferencing
- teleconferencing
- teleclass
- streaming audio
- chat conference

While most presentations at the site are free, CCULearning also enables speakers/presenters to reach an international or large group and make some money in the process through participation fees or by creating products such as CDs, MP3s, e-books, etc. CCULearning will send notifications of upcoming events to thousands of targeted customers to ensure that there is an interest in the topics people want to present.

CCULearning provides a number of benefits for virtual learning students as well. Information seekers can save money on travel and all associated costs by learning from their homes, and still gain access to courses from in-demand experts. They can participate by phone and enable others to listen on speaker. Users can also save time and learn based on their own schedule at an affordable price...or even for free in many instances.

More information about virtual learning at CCULearning and how providers can offer their instructional resources is available at the Web address below:

For an interview or more information, please contact Belinda Lloyd by phone at 514-793-6790 or by email:

Belinda Lloyd