Finally a Love School: Sacred Love Offers A to Z Relationship Fundamentals with Its Breakthrough Audio, Visual Love Spa

Los Angeles, CA, August 18, 2011 --( Sacred Love, with its dedicated online Love School called “Love Spa,” has certainly captured the imagination of singles and couples who want a fulfilling love life. “The Love Spa offers its members immediate access to Sacred Love’s audio and visual media school for improving the members’ dating and relationship experiences,” said Karinna Kittles-Karsten, the founder of Sacred Love. From all over the world people write in to ask, “I wasn’t taught how to have a good relationship, can I learn now? How do I succeed at dating? How can I make my marriage work? How do I move on and starting a love life again?”

The answer is, “yes you can, just begin,” said Karinna. The Love Spa is a love education service of Sacred Love. It offers menu selections that vary in content and length. The menu includes the following: Quick Self Confidence-Boosting Methods, Successful How to Date Practices, Guided Love Lessons such us Attracting and Choosing the Right Partner, Opening Your Heart Again, Enriching Communication within Your Relationship, Step by Step Relationship Advice and Marriage Advice, Great Lover Skills, Visually Beautiful, Sexual Intimacy Enhancing Techniques for Couples, A Complete Love Curriculum to Experience More Love and Intimacy Right Now.

Love Spa is just one of the products offered at Sacred Love. Daily, the site Sacred Love, helps countless couples rekindle passion in their marriage or singles find partners in life. Its founder, Karinna Kittles-Karsten has devoted her career to helping people find fun and creative solutions to their relationship challenges. Along with the Love Spa, Sacred Love also offers Sacred Love Couples Connection, Sacred Love Weekly, Empowered Relationships TV, Sacred Love Dating and Sacred Love digital books and DVD products. Variety serves individuals with their authentic needs to find true love and create a fulfilling relationship.

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