Publisher Seeks Submissions for Personal Growth Book

Collection of personal essays representing growth and change in a person's character will be the focus of a new book edited by therapist.

Hawthorne, NJ, August 18, 2011 --( ASD Publishing is seeking non-fiction submissions for a book to be published in late 2012 or early 2013 - edited by therapist Pamela Milam, MA, LPC whose first book will be out in spring 2012. The book will be a collection of personal essays that represent growth and change in a person's character over a long period of time.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the process of growth and change throughout a person’s lifespan,” says Milam. “I’m interested in how our own youthful earnestness often looks very different to us as time passes. A deeply held conviction can be embarrassing or even mortifying after the passage of only a few years. An early opinion can become ridiculous once you’ve had more life experience. I’m repeatedly surprised by how often a person makes a complete turn-around in beliefs, politics, judgments, or attitudes – to the degree that the person’s original mindset is almost entirely unrecognizable.”

Ms. Milam asks the question of potential writers if they have ever written a smug or sanctimonious letter to a person, business, political party or some other entity and completely believed in those convictions at that time, only to change their views later in life. It is those stories that will make up this collection in the yet to be titled book to be published by ASD Publishing. These stories will point out and comment on the other’s choices, behavior, character -- and the letters will be about integrity and/or righteousness or self-righteousness early in life - only for the original author of the letter to have done a complete about-face later.

“As a therapist, I have the privilege of watching these changes occur in other people,” Milam continues. “I have felt these changes occur within myself. I believe readers would find it interesting to witness that change-trajectory in a series of essays written by others, especially if those essays were accompanied by evidence (letters, photos, postcards, emails) of the earlier mindset.”

ASD Publishing is an independent book publisher based in New Jersey specializing in thought-provoking literary fiction, memoir, self help and personal growth non-fiction. They believe that readers are drawn to stories of overcoming adversity and character development and is certain there are people from all walks of life that could share such a story. Essays can be signed or shared anonymously if chosen for the book. For complete details on the submission guidelines, visit or write to

“Learning comes with time, attention, and effort. Better yet, sometimes we can learn through the experience of others,” says the therapist with over 13 years of experience in the field. “Fortunately, learning is more fun when we can witness the momentum of change in other people by watching them take positions, create opinions, and staunchly defend their beliefs in a way that is amusing, instructive, and sometimes even cringe-worthy.”

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Anthony DiBella