BayView Entertainment’s September Special Interest DVDs Include the Feature Film “Amantes,” Martial Arts History and More

BayView Entertainment’s September special interest DVDs include the acclaimed foreign film Amantes, three new Martial Arts titles with rare historic footage as well as detailed instruction, and the latest from the Natural Horsemanship series.

Hackensack, NJ, August 18, 2011 --( BayView Entertainment, the number one studio for special interest, fitness, and wellness DVD releases for over six years*, presents a September schedule of unique DVDs for home viewers. The September lineup sees the release of the acclaimed feature film “Amantes,” the latest DVD in the Natural Horsemanship series, and three Martial arts titles covering both history and instruction. These new releases join BayView’s wide-ranging catalog of DVDs and audio books to bring a variety of fascinating subjects to retailers and consumers everywhere. BayView Entertainment’s DVDs are available at all leading internet retailers as well as selected stores nationwide. *source: DVD Release Report, August 11, 2011

September 20 sees the first-time-on-DVD release of the acclaimed Spanish-language film Amantes (Lovers) from director Vicente Aranda. Paco is a handsome young man engaged to Trini, an innocent young woman who has amassed considerable savings for their eventual marriage. While in search of a job in 1950’s Madrid, Paco rents a room from Luisa, an exotic and worldly widow (Victoria Abril), and they soon begin a torrid affair. Luisa’s hold on Paco is so strong that she soon convinces him to kill Trini, steal Trini’s money, and run off with her. But can Paco break free from Luisa’s control before it's too late? Amantes is a shocking, erotic thriller - based on a sensational true crime story. The “Lethally, deliciously erotic” (San Francisco Chronicle) Victoria Abril ("High Heels") stars as Luisa in this drama that was honored with 1991 Goya Awards for Best Film and Best Director. In Spanish with English subtitles. Street date is September 20, suggested retail price is $29.99.

On September 20, BayView adds the 7th volume in the acclaimed “Reach Out to Horses” series to its catalog: “Success Foals in Training”. In this revolutionary and comprehensive four-DVD set, International Equine Specialist and Reach Out to Horses Founder Anna Twinney reveals the secrets of successful foal gentling. Anna creates a genuine and powerful bond with five unhandled P.M.U. (Premarin) weanlings rescued from the fate of the Canadian slaughterhouse. Combining years of experience training and communicating with untouched and misunderstood horses, Anna shows her proven methods to help unlock the wonders of young horses by practicing the whispers of gentle horsemanship. Join Anna as she gentles these unforgettable foals, replacing their previous human impressions with positive and memorable first handling experiences. Suggested retail price for this 4-DVD set is $114.99 and street date is September 20, 2011.

September 27 see the release by BayView of three new Martial Arts DVDs from Rising Sun Productions. The fist, Budo: Japansese/Okinawan Masters of the Martial Arts is an incredible collection of rare archival footage of the best Masters of Budo: Karate, Aikido, Judo, Sword, Kobudo, and much more. This is not just one person’s collection – more than 15 of the world's leading martial artists have contributed to its making. The narration is detailed, the music appropriate, and the writing factual. With the rare footage ranging from 1917 to as recent as 2003, this DVD is perfect for martial arts schools or anyone interested in the history of martial arts. Suggested retail price is $29.99.

Rising Sun and BayView also present two volumes of martial arts instruction on September 27: Mastering Tae Kwon Do: Kicks and Mastering Tae Kwon Do: Self Defense. On the Mastering Tae Kwon Do: Kicks DVD, Grand Master Jong Soo Park gets down to the basics of what makes Tae Kwon Do such a terrific art and what has made it one of the most popular martial arts in the world. He shows, exactly and precisely, the basic kicks such as a front kick and a side kick. He then teaches, progressively, the more difficult kicks such as the flying side kick, jump away back kick, and all kinds of spins and combinations of these kicks. The Mastering Tae Kwon Do: Kicks DVD is an absolute must-have for those wanting to learn the foundations of Tae Kwon Do kicking moves. The purpose of all martial arts is primarily self defense and on the Mastering Tae Kwon Do: Self Defense DVD, Grand Master Jong Soo Park shows how Tae Kwon Do deals with all kinds of situations, including against a knife, a club, sitting down in a chair, and women’s self defense. Also, he teaches the basic throws of Tae Kwon Do, the basic sweeps, and so much more that is not usually explained in this age of competitive Olympic Tae Kwon Do. Both of the Mastering Tae Kwon Do DVDs street on September 27 and have a suggested retail price of $29.99 each.

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