Launch of the Personal Social Network – World Without Me is a Percial (Personal - Social) platform that gives tools to Live Digitally Forever. Start and participate in Private Discussions, Create Dispatches for future, Store Digital Assets and Archive Digital Footprint (Facebook updates, Tweets, Documents, Emails) to create an Autobiography on the go at World Without Me.

Pune, India, August 19, 2011 --( Initiative31, Pune based Internet Idea Lab launched today. World Without Me is a Percial (Personal - Social) platform with tools like Discussions, Dispatches, Footprint and Vault that support Privacy, Meaningful Life and Afterlife.

“With Randomizers sending connection requests and poking non-stop and Friends (that are not really friends) annoying with their comments and wall posts, there is a clamor for 'Privacy,'” said Bhaskar Thakur, Founder of at the Launch event. “World Without Me gives you your personal space and tools to live digitally forever.” Bhaskar added.

To an extent, World Without Me is the exact opposite of social. With the encroachment of social networks like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and now Google+, everyone’s lives have become public. The need for personal communication is becoming greater by the day. This was the idea that Bhaskar Thakur started out with. The key features of include:

1. Starting and participating in Personal Discussions- Closed Conversations on topics that are Personal.
2. Creating Dispatches: Dispatches are Messages into the future.
3. Archiving Digital Footprint including Emails, Documents, Facebook Status and Tweets
4. Storing and bequeathing access and login details to your loved ones.
5. Keep communicating Now and Afterlife; Live forever, digitally.

World Without Me Discussions are designed to support personal and private conversations like planning a Trip with friends that you don’t want the world to know about, closed conversations with friends and family, planning a surprise party, tracking your parent’s health, planning family finances or anything that is meaningful or important to you.

Dispatches are messages scheduled for delivery in the future. Dispatches may be shared with Secret Keepers who are in the know of the message before the message is delivered. This is great for sending surprise messages and notes.

Talking about Footprint on, Bhaskar said "World Without Me Footprint is all about your Digital Karma. You can store all your Digital Assets and create your Autobiography on the go to share with your closest friends and family. You can also use the Afterlife communication and Digital Inheritance on World Without Me to help make life simple for the ones you leave behind."

World Without Me is currently running Invite Only Beta. Go to and use the promo code PRPRW to receive your very own Invite.

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Deepshikha Kothari